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MMO Warhammer Online - WAR: Art & The Reikland Factory

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Airsolo, 5 de Novembro de 2008. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 482)

  1. RvR is the core of this game. This is illustrated by the fact that the game facilitates making a new character, queuing into a scenario at the tender age of rank 1, and putting fools to the sword. You could easily gain the first 10 ranks of your career doing just that. I love the idea of people experiencing RvR before the T4 campaigns. Nobody shows up late to the party at rank 40 and says, "Ok, what's this RvR noise about?" The war should be felt throughout your time spent here.
    Thus, when the Live Team was tasked with creating post-launch content in the form of scenarios to complement the new classes, I was pleased to be a part of it. To any who are interested in reading on, I'm here to provide an overview of the art process involved with creating the scenarios, and profess my great love of cake.

    The Reikland Factory
    In the coming weeks, we're introducing a new Tier 4 scenario, the Reikland Factory. It's only going to be available during the Heavy Metal event, so be sure to check it out! This scenario is a battle for control of Reikland's industry capability. The forces of Order have sailed north up the Reik River to meet the war host of Destruction, which is making a move to take the place over. Whoever gains control of the Factory dictates the region's war machine production, moving the front lines closer to the gates of the enemy. Let the melee commence!

    Concept and Prototyping
    One of the reasons we chose to set the scenario within the bounds of one of Reikland's factories was that we hadn't yet shown the heavy industrial slant the zone has. Our Art Director was keen on communicating the yummy industrial belch of Reikland, so it became our starting point. From there, we adapted it into the 4-point capture game play mechanic of this scenario.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One of my goals going into this project was to make the bandwidth we'd consume worth spending. We're traditionally pretty tight on download budgets, so this was an important point to me. To that end, we minimized recycling art from the launch library. This meant the artists all generated new assets, which they were happy about. It also helps with the "Wow!" factor, so people don't take one look at it and say, "Well, this is just pulled from stuff they already made! Boooooo!" I think we can all agree a reaction like that is not one worth pursuing. Making new art is a win-win in these situations, because we like making it, and the user base is expecting new content when they are downloading it.
    The construction began in earnest once the core design was roughed out. We knew our basic layout, and we began by first blocking out the zone's scale and capture points. This is a baseline zone arrangement that we were able to give to the concept team. They then turned around and presented us with the imagery for the Factory based on the layout provided and everyone got a little excited because it was the first time the image in everyone's head became a collective vision. After that we began a back-and-forth with the concept team as they refined the drawings and we refined our prototype geometry in tandem. The process ended up being different than the usual, "Here's a drawing, now make it happen in 3D!"

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