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What an Overclocking Enthusiast is All About:

Discussão em 'Modding e Overclock' iniciada por Raymo, 15 de Dezembro de 2007. (Respostas: 8; Visualizações: 1243)

  1. Raymo

    Raymo Power Member

    This was originally a racers analogy, but I thought it needed to be changed a little.

    What an Overclocking Enthusiast is All about:

    It's about money. And for most of us... it's about finding it... finding enough of it... then finding a little bit more. Also living with the guilt of burning up so much hard earned cash. But it's much more.

    It's about supremacy, being the Top Dawg, King of the Hill, Head Honcho, The Big Kahuna and standing out above the crowd!! Being Numero Uno... The Best!!!

    It's about speed. It's about making the fastest, scariest, hold-onto-your-hats-geez-I'm-gonna-wet-my-pants-Best damn thrill ride ever assembled by a human being.

    And it's about power. It's about leading the charge of a thousand screaming banshees, and it's about taming a blind raging Herculean monster, and bending it to your will.

    It's about brilliant colors, unbelieveable graphics, flashes of light, ear-splitting beeps, and an occasional puff of smoke. It's about the unforgettable smell of burning silicon, Blue Screens of Death, BIOS reflashes and Harddrive Failures. It's about reaching through the keyboard all the way down to BIOS and feeling the Front Side Bus slip past your current benchmark so you can submit your score. It's about sensing how hot the system is getting during the hardest part of the bench and the weight of "Did I give the CPU or Memory enough Voltage?". It's about the tightness of the shoulder & neck muscles, and the cramp in the leg from climbing down on the floor to examine a posible problem inside the box.

    Overclocking is about all of these things, and much more.

    It's about passion, a burning desire, an insatiable hunger. It's a perverse yet overwhelming love affair with Intel or AMD, Nvidia or ATI. It's about a relentless courtship with speed.

    It's about conceiving and nurturing a child--the benefactor of your skill and wisdom, and a victim of your ignorance. It's about saving an obsolite disregarded CPU from the desk drawer and making it stronger, faster, more real and alive than it ever was, or ever deserved to be. It's about caring for your creation, loving it and pushing it to its limits, exalting in its greatness, and forgiving its weaknesses, because you are not weak.

    It's about dreams and hopes and fears. Dreams of glory... dreams of carving out a small niche in history, like Kingpin, Deanzo, and Chefnr1. Hopes that the many long winter hours of lonely toil in the cold, dusty garage or office will bring smiles and a nod of approval from the brutally indifferent competitors. Hopes that, in the end, you'll be able to look back on the whole experience and find it worth the price, while living with the fear that it won't be. Hopes that your system still works after all the abuse and stress put on it during the benching sessions.You fear the worst at times, but hope for the best all the time.

    It's about determination, perseverance, and the strength of resolve. It's about patience and discipline. It's about putting in the time, double checking, attending to the critical details. It's about concentration, and focus. It's about controlling the overpowering urges and staying within your limitations, sticking to the game
    plan, and keeping your head when the unthinkable happens. It's about testing, and measuring, and worrying, and sweating the small stuff

    It's about faith... faith in yourself, in your rig, the almighty and in your fellow competitors, and in the men and women who designed all this hardware, these CPU's, VGA's, Memory, HDD's, PSU's and the Cooling Equipment. It's about believing that no matter what happens, you choose!!

    It's about deep and lasting respect, caring, and friendships... about sharing joys and disappointments.

    It's about discovering others that despite age, culture, sex or economic standing share your passion. You are part of a brotherhood that says I can make it better and I can go faster and further than anyone thought I could.

    It's about living life in the cutting edge of a razor, hanging it all out there, going for broke. It's about knowing, without doubt, by-damn, that you're alive. It's about putting your heart and soul into something and letting the whole world see what you can do. It's about knowing that in the midst of the confusion and emotion and heart-stopping action, you were the one that mattered.

    -Raymo @ The Raptor Pit & Anonymous
  2. steelballzz

    steelballzz Folding Member

    amazing description

    very good writing

    cant wait for forum wars 2k8
  3. Raymo

    Raymo Power Member

    Thx Steelballzz... I cant wait either
  4. Confusion

    Confusion Power Member

    :004: oh yeah, very nice post, overclock ftw :victory:
  5. Romani48

    Romani48 Power Member

    and in the end meet new people ..a perfect combination of healthy competition :D

    and I like to see that TZ is also in the mouths of people from other countries and cultures :)

    and very nice post

    overclock is just a regular thing in my pcs since i discovered it!

    so as confusion said, OC FTW!!
  6. JPgod

    JPgod Moderador
    Staff Member

    cool, another thread in English :D Techzone is become international :D
    The true elements of overclocker's:p

    Additionally occur constants OS reinstalls and the SWSD (Syndrome of Windows Sudden Death) or the infamous windows message "NTDLR is missing":005:

    for now, wait for the Forums War 2008 and burn baby
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  7. Chopstick

    Chopstick I fold therefore I AM

    lol at this thread....

    although I recently introduced myself to the world of overclocking (something like a year ago), I must confess that most of those things described in that text fit like a glove in me...
  8. nice post thanks OC FTW :001:
  9. Mordorr

    Mordorr Power Member

    I just cry went i read this.....

    Who said a Overclocker doesn`t have feelings?


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