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[Wii] Truques e dicas

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por Librarian, 12 de Dezembro de 2006. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 1580)

  1. Librarian

    Librarian Power Member

    Fonte: http://www.wiihaveaproblem.com/show_article.php?id=10
  2. HeX-KaLiBuR

    HeX-KaLiBuR Power Member

    essa de assustar os mii's tem a sua piada amanha logo experimento.....agr bed time k ta frio :004:
  3. the13thing

    the13thing Power Member

    Quero adicionar mais truques do jogo Wii Sports :

    Mudar cor da bola :

    Change bowling ball color

    As The screen is fading to black for bowling, hold down the control pad until it fades to bowling for these colors:
    CodeEffectControl Pad UpBlue BallControl Pad RightGold BallControl Pad DownGreen BallControl Pad LeftRed Ball

    Mudar Campo de Ténis :

    Change the tennis court

    To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.

    Jogar Golfe sem mapas e metros :

    Play Golf without maps or meters

    To disable the power meter, map, and the wind speed indicator, press and hold (2), then make a selection at the "Select a Course" screen.

    Jogar Boxe com luvas prateadas :

    Silver Boxing Gloves

    After you've beaten the Grand Champion, Matt, in a boxing match you'll be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do so, hold (1) when the screen becomes black before a boxing match.

    Desbloqueaveis :
    Special Bowling Ball

    Get to pro level to unlock a bowling ball with diamond designs on it.

    Segredos :

    Jogar com 91 pinos :

    91 Pin Strike in Power Bowling Training

    To get an automatic 91 pin strike in the last round of Power Bowling, Throw the ball on the right or left rail (depending on if you are right or left handed) so that it stays on it the whole time. If it reaches the end without falling off, you will hear a "click" and an explosion. Then all the pins will fall down from the shockwave. NOTE: This only works on the last round.

    Baseball: Pitch underhand:
    While pitching, press 2 before throwing. To return to a normal delivery, press 1.

    Bowling: Extra pins:
    When aiming for the pins in the first aiming thing, move all the way to the far right or left. Then depending on which direction you aimed the first one, aim the second one as far as you can go in the same direction. Your target will be in another lane.

    Bowling: Training Power Throws:
    When on the "final lane" of Power Throws, move all the way to the right (or left, depending on which hand you use). Turn toward the wall two to four notches then release the ball on top of the wall. If done correctly, the bowling ball will travel down the top of the wall past the pins, and all 92 pins will fall down at once.

    Tennis: Super serve:
    When you are serving, just when the ball is at the highest point quickly flick your wrist. You will see white smoke from the ball and it will be difficult to hit. This may require some practice.

    Espero que resulte, ainda não testei :)
  4. NightRune

    NightRune Power Member

    "Whenever you receive a message there is a BLUE LIGHT on the CONSOLE that lights up. If you'd like to keep the light on all the time you can press the HOME BUTTON, and from the MENU go to your EMAIL. On the next page add your personal computer email address to your ADDRESS BOOK. Within a few hours check your computer's email and there should be a message waiting, when you reply the the email the console's "New Message" light will come on. Don't read the email and the light will stay on."

    É só a mim ou depois de a luz azul ficar a cintilar após recebermos uma mensagem, se acendermos a Wii (mesmo sem lermos mensagem nenhuma) ela simplesmente apaga-se...? :wow:
  5. xernobyl

    xernobyl Power Member

    Isso está tudo (exepto as partes do Wii Sports) no manual. Não se deram ao trabalho de o ler?
  6. jjmaia

    jjmaia What is folding?

    tb gostava de sabr a resposta, porque a minha apaga-se assim k eu a ligo... :'(
  7. andresilva

    andresilva Power Member

    é mesmo assim...

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