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Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Nemesis11, 5 de Junho de 2003. (Respostas: 9; Visualizações: 6579)

  1. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    É só para avisar que o SP4 vai sair dia 16 de junho para os parceiros da Microsoft e dois dias depois para o publico em geral.

    Por isso quem tiver 2000 fique atento.

    Fiquem bem.
  2. Doctor Evil

    Doctor Evil Power Member

    Deveria sair, mas como de costume a MS adiou o lançamento
  3. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Tens link para a noticia?
    É que pelo menos para os parceiros MS a data mantem-se ( claro que ainda vão a tempo de adiar :D )
  4. SimpleFriend

    SimpleFriend Power Member

    O q trás o Service Pack 4?? Para além da habitual correcção de erros e bugs, actualização de controladores, bla bla bla

    :003: :003:
  5. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    é uma lista pequena:


    KB-Nr. Status KB-Titel
    Q111111 KA
    Q232592 - ACC2000: How to Synchronize Two Drop-down Lists on a Data Access Page
    Q253922 MS Users' Automatically Created Printers Visible to Other Users
    Q256507 ? RAS Client May Not Be Authenticated When You Reconnect (NT4???)
    Q265396 MS Slow Network Performance Occurs When You Select a File on a Share That Uses NTFS
    Q279510 KA
    Q280060 KA
    Q280687 MS "Disable Change Wallpaper" Policy Does Not Prevent All Wallpaper Changes
    Q284246 KA
    Q289261 S3 Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled
    Q291594 KA
    Q298692 MS You Cannot Add a Printer by Using the CNAME
    Q300561 MS Incorrect Routing Table When You Connect to Some VPN Servers
    Q303280 KA
    Q306259 MS Administrator Cannot Recover the Domain Controller if a User Is Added to a Large Number of Groups
    Q306260 S3 Cannot Modify Dial-In Permissions for Computers That Use Wireless Networking
    Q306451 KA
    Q307030 MS Stop 0x00000050 Error Message in the Wdmaud.sys File in Windows 2000
    Q307331 DL EnableTrace() Function Requires Trace Providers to Be Registered Before Enabling Them
    Q307542 KA
    Q307920 KA
    Q308337 KA
    Q309696 MS Clients That Are Using an ATM Adapter Do Not Receive Group Policies
    Q310311 MS Text Is Stretched When You Print to a Lexmark Z52 Printer
    Q311444 ? Creator/Owner Rights Are Removed by Policy Editor
    Q311935 S3 Multicasts with a TTL Setting of Zero Are Transmitted on the Network
    Q312150 KA
    Q312320 KA
    Q312571 MS The Event Log Stops Logging Events Before Reaching the Maximum Log Size
    Q312964 MS Description of the WINS PersonaGrata Feature in Windows 2000
    Q314223 KA
    Q314337 KA
    Q314444 KA
    Q314816 MS PostScript Printer Does Not Show All the Supported Paper Sizes on French Windows 2000 Clients
    Q315315 MS The EnableAutoDial Setting May Not Work Correctly
    Q315819 MS STOP 0x50 Error Occurs in Mrxsmb.sys When the Digital Dashboard Is Loaded
    Q316803 KA
    Q316827 KA
    Q316966 KA
    Q317877 KA
    Q317905 KA
    Q317921 KA
    Q318107 MS No Audio on a Web Camera When You Resume from Hibernation
    Q318152 MS Print Spooler Stops Scheduling Print Jobs
    Q318253 KA
    Q318257 ? Cannot Use the ADMA to Convert a Contact Object to a User Object
    Q318332 MS You Receive a "System Error 1230" Error Message When You Browse the Network
    Q318365 MS Cannot Print a Large Paper Size at High Resolution
    Q318437 MS A "STOP 0xA" Error Message Occurs When You Use Routing and Remote Access with NAT and VPN
    Q318443 MS Increase in DNS Zone Serial Numbers Causes Unnecessary Zone Transfers in Windows 2000
    Q318533 MS The StartTrace() Function May Cause a "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Message
    Q318663 KA
    Q318771 KA
    Q318789 MS Redirector Does Not Cache Files When the SPARSE Attribute Is Set
    Q318866 KA
    Q318871 MS Problems Transferring Highly Fragmented Packets in NDIS
    Q318873 MS The PKI Dialog Box Appears Multiple Times If You Click Cancel
    Q318954 MS A Default Printer That Is Not Available May Cause a Delay in Programs
    Q319021 MS The Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration.SetDNSServerSearchOrder Method Does Not Work
    Q319183 KA
    Q319270 MS A Laptop Computer Has No IP Address After Hibernating
    Q319313 MS You May Receive a "Tape Drive Requires Cleaning" Error Message When You Try to Back Up
    Q319325 MS The "IPCONFIG /SETCLASSID" Command Does Not Send the Class ID in the Options Field of the DHCP Information Packet
    Q319326 MS Certain R2 PC Cards Are Incorrectly Enumerated as Memory Cards
    Q319359 KA
    Q319370 MS You Cannot Print to a Local Printer After Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Is Installed
    Q319418 MS IP Security Policy Management MMC Leaks Memory
    Q319460 MS A Netsh DHCP Import Does Not Import Configuration Information
    Q319627 MS Fragmentation Occurs When You Send Multicast Data Over Ethernet
    Q319672 MS Directory Service Access Audits for a SAM Object Server Have Incomplete Object Names
    Q319709 MS An Access Violation Occurs in Lsass Because of a Stack Overflow
    Q319725 MS SLIP Connections Broadcast NetBIOS Names When the Client Is Turned Off
    Q319812 KA
    Q319819 MS There May Be a Delay in Mapping SIDs to Account Names If the Computer Name Contains More Than 15 Characters
    Q319909 ? A User May Experience a Slow Logoff Process Because of an Open Registry Handle in the Classes Hive
    Q319913 MS The NET TIME Command May Report the GMT Bias Incorrectly
    Q319915 MS The Back Button Is Available in the Domain Screen During Automated Setup
    Q319921 KA
    Q319931 MS Event ID 49 Entry Is Added to the System Event Log When You Use the 3GB Switch in Windows 2000
    Q319967 MS You Cannot Open a File That You Moved to a DFS Share
    Q319980 KA
    Q320006 MS Access Violation in Windows 2000 Svchost with a Component Load Balancing Routing Server
    Q320015 MS An Error Occurs in the ADSI Windows NT Provider When You Enumerate the Members of a Group by Using a Binding
    Q320021 KA
    Q320063 MS Dcdiag.exe Issues Incorrect "Topology Disconnected" Error Messages
    Q320199 MS Windows 2000 WMI Query Only Returns 32 Disk Drives Although More Exist
    Q320211 KA
    Q320329 KA
    Q320333 MS Event Log Replication Entries Fill Windows 2000 Cluster Log
    Q320345 MS CPU Usage Rises to 100 Percent If You Charge the Battery Slowly While the Computer Is On
    Q320363 MS The Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Class Does Not Return the WINSPrimaryServer Property for Users
    Q320368 ? The Richedit Text Control May Replace CRLF in the Output
    Q320373 MS Windows Management Instrumentation Cannot Rebuild a Damaged Repository
    Q320387 MS AT Command Stops Responding When You Try to List Scheduled Jobs
    Q320437 MS The Computer Management Tool Tries to Use Only the DNS Host Name to Connect to a Remote Computer
    Q320489 MS Win32_Group Does Not Include the "Domain Local" Groups
    Q320549 MS Scan Function May Not Work On USB Multifunction Printers
    Q320661 MS You Cannot Take DFS Replica Members Offline
    Q320667 MS Error Message on a Blue Screen During a Screen Refresh that Uses GDI Halftoning in Windows 2000
    Q320670 MS Event ID 528 May Not Be Logged If LsaLogonUser() Is Called
    Q320677 MS You Cannot Collect DHCP Data by Using SNMP
    Q320691 KA
    Q320694 MS 16-Bit Programs May Not Update the Screen on Processors Faster Than 2.0 GHz
    Q320711 MS Accessing Active Directory with LDAP by Using Sun JDNI Calls May Not Work
    Q320742 KA
    Q320769 MS DNS Caching Behavior When You Use the "All" Query Type in Windows 2000
    Q320828 KA
    Q320834 KA
    Q320865 MS RIS Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" Screen
    Q320877 MS One-Hour Delay Occurs During Startup with a USB Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
    Q320903 MS Clients Cannot Log On by Using Kerberos over TCP
    Q320914 MS Problems Upgrading a User-Mode Print Driver By Using Point and Print in Windows 2000
    Q320984 KA
    Q321036 MS Modem Settings Are Missing After You Remove and Re-Insert Your Modem
    Q321060 MS Raytheon RayLink Wireless PCMCIA LAN Adapter Does Not Start with a Code 12
    Q321064 MS Computer Hangs for 15 Seconds When You Use Your Zip Drive
    Q321065 KA
    Q321073 MS Index Service Stops Responding When Filtering Japanese Excel File
    Q321091 MS Setting WINS-R Information in a Reverse Lookup Zone Causes an Error
    Q321126 MS The "Look In" and "Save As" Boxes in Common Dialog Boxes Are Slow
    Q321150 MS The SMTP Service Does Not Deliver a Message to Multiple Recipients If Error Code 552 Is Received
    Q321160 MS FTP Logging: Transferred Bytes Not Accurate When Transaction Aborted
    Q321166 KA
    Q321217 MS You Receive an "Action Could Not Be Completed" Error Message When You Select Many Recipients in the Global Address List
    Q321248 MS RRAS Dial-on-Demand Interface Does Not Establish a Connection
    Q321300 KA
    Q321323 MS The Spooler Service Stops Working Under High Memory Loads
    Q321343 MS The Computer Hangs If You Call LockWorkstation() While a Screen Saver Is Running
    Q321418 MS TTL Value of -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) in Dynamic Update Packet Means Use Default Zone TTL
    Q321522 MS Banner Page Always Prints When a Service That Needs to Print to a Novell NetWare Print Queue Prints
    Q321587 KA
    Q321591 KA
    Q321610 MS Administratively Created DNS Records May Not Be Secure
    Q321613 MS Stop 0x0a Error in nt!ExpBoostOwnerThread() Occurs on a Large Terminal Server Installation
    Q321623 MS An Access Violation Occurs in Spoolsv.exe in Windows 2000
    Q321685 MS Disk Management Snap-In Does Not Show a Disk with a Large Number of Partitions
    Q321733 MS A "Delayed Write Failed" Error Message Occurs When You Write a File to a Server
    Q321766 KA
    Q321771 MS You Receive a "Stop 0x51 (REGISTRY_ERROR)" Error Message
    Q321781 MS STOP A in nt!KiAttachProcess+0x12 from win32k!PDEVOBJ::UnloadFontFile in Windows 2000
    Q321787 KA
    Q321788 MS STDIN/STDOUT Redirection May Not Work If Started from a File Association
    Q321800 MS Hyperterm.exe Has a Slow Transfer Rate If Local Echo Is On
    Q321826 KA
    Q321854 KA
    Q321856 KA
    Q321860 KA
    Q321867 MS Windows NT 4.0 Usrmgr.exe Does Not Display an Error Message When You Change a Password to a Weak Password
    Q321928 MS ADSI with the OLE DB Provider May Leak Memory If You Use SQL Syntax
    Q321933 MS Services Are Not Listed in the Security Configuration and Analysis Snap-in
    Q321983 MS The Number in the "Reset Fail Count After" Box Changes
    Q322018 MS L2TP May Not Use the Default IP Address
    Q322019 MS Data Loss Occurs When You Copy Files Over the Network
    Q322042 MS Input Language of Terminal Server Client Does Not Match That of Terminal Server Session
    Q322141 S3 Ntfrs.exe Does Not Clean Up the Staging Folders on Members with No Outbound Partners in Windows 2000
    Q322175 MS You Must Restart the Computer After Joining a Domain with Service Pack 2
    Q322210 MS FIX: Message Queuing Performance Monitor Counters Do Not Work over Terminal Services
    Q322291 KA
    Q322302 MS Cannot Obtain an Interrupt Resource for a PCI-PCI Bridge Device
    Q322346 MS You Cannot Access Protected Data After You Change Your Password
    Q322359 MS Intelide.sys Is Not Used on Computers with ICH4
    Q322377 KA
    Q322599 MS DFS Client Computers Stop Responding when Disconnecting from a DFS Share
    Q322626 KA
    Q322655 KA
    Q322670 MS UPN Credentials Cause CSNW to Omit the NDS Tree for Changing Your Password
    Q322740 MS An Error Occurs If You Try to Manage Computers from My Network Places
    Q322760 KA
    Q322804 S3 Cannot Use Windows Media Player to Read XA Data on 1394 CD-ROM Devices
    Q322820 MS "Hide Specified Control Panel Applets" Policy Does Not Work in Windows 2000
    Q322823 MS Windows Explorer Does Not Detect That the CD-ROM That Was Previously in the CD Drive Has Been Replaced with a Blank CD-R
    Q322841 MS Document and User Names Do Not Appear in Print Queue When You Print from MAC OS/X Clients
    Q322842 DL A Lock Occurs Between Two Threads of System GDI in Windows 2000
    Q322904 KA
    Q322913 MS WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows 2000
    Q322920 KA
    Q322930 MS Your Computer Stops Responding During Shutdown if the CD-ROM Tray Is Open in Windows 2000
    Q322934 MS The StgCreateDocFile() Function Causes an "STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS" Error in Windows 2000
    Q322945 KA
    Q322953 MS Cannot Browse Printers When You Are Trying to Print or Browse Printer Queues
    Q323015 MS Many Secure Socket Layer Connections May Reduce Performance
    Q323023 KA
    Q323045 MS Access Violation Error Message in Explorer.exe
    Q323130 MS Computer with Multiple Processors and an AGP Video Adapter Hangs During Startup
    Q323145 KA
    Q323153 MS Computer May Hang During Resume from S3 Standby with Two IDE Drives
    Q323231 MS Logical Disk Partitions Are Lost or Damaged After You Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000
    Q323233 KA
    Q323256 MS Stop 0x50 Error Message When You Rename a Large Number of Files on Windows 2000
    Q323270 MS Delegation Wizard Only Reads One CONTROLRIGHT in Windows 2000
    Q323274 KA
    Q323289 MS Memory Leak in WDM Provider's ExecMethodAsync Method in Windows XP and Windows 2000
    Q323371 MS You May Receive a "Stop 0xBE" Error Message on Fault-Tolerant Computers
    Q323372 ? FIX: Message Queuing Remote Read May Not Always Recover
    Q323403 MS Cannot Remove a Computer from a Domain Because the Computer Name Is Not Found
    Q323456 MS Error Message if Windows 2000 Server Is Running Citrix Metaframe That Is Configured in a Load-Balancing Farm
    Q323479 KA
    Q323538 KA
    Q323552 KA
    Q323555 KA
    Q323582 MS Net3101 Error on OS/2 Server Because of SessionSetup SMB
    Q323592 MS The Specified DNS Retry Interval Is Not Used
    Q323593 KA
    Q323608 MS The DisablePagingExecutive Setting May Cause Windows 2000 to Hang
    Q323653 MS STOP 0xD1 in NDIS on Fault-Tolerant Platforms with Windows 2000
    Q323661 MS The "No 'Entire Network' in My Network Place" Policy Is Not Used in the Add Network Place Wizard
    Q323663 MS Windows Critical Update Notification 3.0 May Cause a "Dirty" Shutdown
    Q323668 KA
    Q323704 MS SLIP Client in Windows 2000 Cannot Connect to CSLIP Server
    Q323735 MS Performance Alerts Do Not Start After a Remote Alert Fails in Windows 2000
    Q323758 KA
    Q323819 MS Client Disconnects from Server If NetBT Headers Are Split Across Frames
    Q323913 KA
    Q324039 MS INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 21
    Q324120 MS Cannot Log On to Domain After Adding a Computer to a Domain
    Q324141 MS Changing the Password on a Locked-Out Account Generates a "Domain Not Available" Message
    Q324173 MS Parts of Your Print Job Are Missing When You Print One or More Very Large Documents
    Q324183 MS Access Violation in Spoolsv.exe GDI32!IcmInitIcmInfo in Windows 2000
    Q324184 MS Access Violation in Lsass.exe Because of LDAP Version 2 Search with Referrals
    Q324223 KA
    Q324224 MS "Stop 0xc5" Error Message in Windows 2000
    Q324308 KA
    Q324406 MS Printing to a Redirected LPT1 from Windows XP to Windows 2000 Prints Multiple Separator Pages
    Q324415 MS A Digital Audio Interface PC Card May Not Function Properly
    Q324420 KA
    Q324433 KA
    Q324443 KA
    Q324490 MS FIX: Corrupted GIF Images May Cause an Access Violation in OLE
    Q324532 KA
    Q324553 MS CAPS LOCK Key State in MS-DOS Programs May Be Incorrect
    Q324574 MS Certificate Does Not Display the Ampersand (&) in a Company Name
    Q324605 KA
    Q324612 MS Plug and Play Devices Are Not Detected After You Restart Your Windows 2000-Based Computer
    Q324615 KA
    Q324627 KA
    Q324673 MS The LoadLibrary() Function Cannot Find the DLL Name
    Q324828 KA
    Q324886 MS You Cannot Add an .msi Package to a Group Policy Object
    Q324923 KA
    Q325031 MS Computer Enters Standby During IR File Transfer in Windows 2000
    Q325040 KA
    Q325083 MS Problems When You Use a ComboBox with a Large Number of Items
    Q325183 MS A Domain Administrator Receives an "Unable to Display Security Information" Error Message
    Q325208 - GUID Records Are Not Registered If MX Record with Wildcard Character Is Present
    Q325366 KA
    Q325455 MS Ftp.exe Does Not Handle Japanese Path Names Correctly
    Q325463 MS The Logical Disk Counters Read Zero on a Cluster After a Disk Failover and Failback
    Q325551 KA
    Q325609 KA
    Q325641 MS Cannot Connect in the Active Directory Users and Computers Tool
    Q325705 KA
    Q325721 KA
    Q325764 MS Installing an AGP Video Adapter Driver May Hang the Computer When You Restart It
    Q325774 KA
    Q325775 KA
    Q325792 MS An ICA Asynchronous Connection May Not Reinitialize If a Problem Occurs During Authentication
    Q325804 KA
    Q325812 KA
    Q325827 MS FIX: Certificate Renewal Wizard Concatenates Certificate Organizational Units
    Q325840 KA
    Q325873 MS An NBT Connection Does Not Appear in the Performance Objects List
    Q325916 MS VPN Connections with Names Longer Than 64 Characters May Stop Working After You Install the Q318138 (MS02-029) Patch
    Q325919 KA
    Q325945 MS The WinNT Provider Returns an Incorrect Number of Domains in a Network
    Q325954 KA
    Q325988 MS A "Stop 50" Error Occurs in the Browser (Mrxsmb.sys)
    Q326109 MS EMF Print Jobs That Contain Type 1 Fonts May Not Print
    Q326112 KA
    Q326118 KA
    Q326179 KA
    Q326321 KA
    Q326326 MS Msinfo32.exe May Hang When You Use Some Switches
    Q326329 KA
    Q326330 KA
    Q326333 MS Dump File Not Created Correctly with More Than Four GB of Memory and PAE Turned On
    Q326363 MS Windows 2000 DNS Does Not Resolve NS to CNAME to an A Resource Record Mapping
    Q326404 MS An Access Violation Occurs in Lsass.exe While the Network Connections Are Being Prepared
    Q326407 KA
    Q326429 MS The Windows Explorer Progress Bar May Be Misleading When You Move or Copy Large Files
    Q326486 KA
    Q326531 KA
    Q326564 KA
    Q326569 MS An Access Violation Occurs When You Read an Object SID Property
    Q326572 MS Explorer.exe Repeatedly Generates Access Violation Error Messages After You Log On
    Q326591 MS Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows 2000
    Q326621 KA
    Q326639 MS FIX: Asynchronous Notification Goes to Wrong 1394 Node
    Q326647 MS Windows 2000 NAT May Reuse TIME-WAIT Connections Before the 2MSL Period
    Q326662 MS Hibernation Problem with Computers with One Gigabyte of RAM Under High-Stress Conditions
    Q326770 MS Password Change Does Not Work Over Remote Access\Radius Authentication
    Q326797 MS Some Windows 2000 Active Directory Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326798 MS Some Windows 2000 SMB Redirector Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326799 MS Some Shell Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326800 MS Some Windows 2000 Kernel Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000: 2 of 2
    Q326801 MS Some Windows 2000 Spooler Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326802 MS Some Windows 2000 Network Shell Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326803 MS Some Windows 2000 OLE Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326804 MS Some Windows 2000 Internet Information Services Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000
    Q326805 KA
    Q326816 KA
    Q326826 KA
    Q326836 MS Windows 2000 Desktop Blinks When Explorer.exe Repeatedly Stops Responding
    Q326849 KA
    Q326852 KA
    Q326864 MS STOP: 0x000000D6 Error in Win32k.sys Occurs in Windows 2000
    Q326891 KA
    Q326926 MS Dynamic Host Routes Are Not Removed if EnablePMTUDiscovery Is Set to Zero
    Q326935 MS Some Windows 2000 Kernel Hotfixes May Cause a Conflict with SP3 for Windows 2000: 1 of 2
    Q326938 KA
    Q326964 MS Random Access Violations Occur in Rpcss
    Q326967 MS IAS Logs List an Incorrect IP Address for the Network Access Server Device
    Q326991 KA
    Q327009 MS Chkdsk Finds Incorrect Security IDs After You Restore or Copy a Lot of Data
    Q327012 KA
    Q327016 KA
    Q327020 MS Error Message Occurs When You Start Disk Management After Extending a Hardware Array
    Q327049 KA
    Q327052 KA
    Q327076 KA
    Q327081 MS Data Added to Removable Media During Hibernation May Be Lost When You Resume Windows 2000
    Q327129 KA
    Q327148 MS The RPC Service Stops with Event ID 7031
    Q327163 KA
    Q327269 MS CardBus PC Cards May No Longer Function on Specific Docking Stations After You Apply SP3
    Q327324 KA
    Q327350 MS Windows 2000 Terminal Services Server Hangs with the Novell Client
    Q327360 KA
    Q327392 KA
    Q327477 MS Computer May Hang After a Surprise Removal of a Host Bus Controller
    Q327498 MS Files May Appear to Be Empty with an Older Redirector
    Q327524 MS An Access Violation Occurs in Spoolsvc.exe in Windows 2000
    Q327536 MS "Stop 0x0000006b" or Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" When You Install a Windows XP SP1 Client Image from a RIS Server
    Q327542 KA
    Q327550 MS The ISA Server Web Proxy Service Causes an Access Violation During DNS Lookups
    Q327559 KA
    Q327612 MS User Profile Unload Failure When You Start, Quit, or Log Off NetMeeting
    Q327632 KA
    Q327633 MS The SetUserProperty() Function Leaks Memory
    Q327643 MS You Receive a "Stop 0x000000CE" Error Message During Shutdown
    Q327648 MS Setup Reports That No Service Pack Is Installed When You Try to Install a Program on the Polish Version of Windows 2000 SP1 or SP2
    Q327709 KA
    Q327752 MS Some Winsock Functions May Cause a High CPU Load
    Q327784 MS Windows 2000 Server May Hang After a Local Backup Completes
    Q327815 KA
    Q327825 MS New Resolution for Problems That Occur When Users Belong to Many Groups
    Q327840 MS Preventing Users from Putting Compressed Files on a File Server
    Q327868 KA
    Q327930 KA
    Q327941 KA
    Q327949 KA
    Q327973 MS LsaLookupNames API Is Unsuccessful for Domain Names That End with a Period
    Q327984 MS Your Profile Is Not Unloaded If You Change Printer Settings and Then Log Off
    Q327996 KA
    Q328020 MS Redirected Printing Through a Terminal Services Session May Not Work with Windows 2000 SP3
    Q328036 KA
    Q328041 KA
    Q328055 MS Server May Stop Responding If You Use a Program That Uses Sharable Pages
    Q328089 KA
    Q328097 MS Adding a Print Separator Page May Cause an Error Message
    Q328120 MS IEEE 1394 Device May Disappear When You Add New Daisy-Chain Devices
    Q328165 KA
    Q328194 KA
    Q328264 KA
    Q328284 KA
    Q328285 KA
    Q328370 MS Windows 2000 CSNW Always Calls the Nearest Server for Logging On to an NDS Tree
    Q328410 MS NetBT Does Not Respond to Adapter Status Query If Server and Messenger Services Are Stopped
    Q328468 KA
    Q328477 MS Services.exe May Hang When You Restart a Service
    Q328506 MS A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Message Is Caused by Sfmsrv.sys
    Q328509 KA
    Q328556 MS Event ID 3006 in Application Log After You Upgrade Your Domain Controller to Service Pack 3
    Q328566 MS The MaxPreloadEntries Registry Value Does Not Work and Defaults to 1,000 Entries
    Q328567 MS An Access Violation Occurs When a Program Tries to Update Active Directory
    Q328570 MS Windows 2000-Based Servers May Not Set the DNS Domain Name After You Upgrade a Domain
    Q328611 KA
    Q328634 KA
    Q328636 MS The Windows 2000 SP3 DHCP Tool May Show an Empty Reservations List
    Q328715 MS "0x8000500d" Error Message When ADSI Tries to Retrieve an Attribute with a Semicolon in Its Name
    Q328716 MS Multiple Separator Pages Printed from Windows 2000 Terminal Services Redirected Printer
    Q328725 KA
    Q328755 - Ntbackup.exe Cannot Back Up the Metabase.bin File from Another Operating System on the Same Computer
    Q328764 KA
    Q328767 KA
    Q328776 MS A "Stop 0x000000C2" Error Occurs When You Try to Close a File on a Network Share
    Q328786 MS List Is Cleared If You Accidentally Enter a Blank Line in the "Run Only Allowed Windows Applications" Policy
    Q328862 KA
    Q328863 MS HTTP Authentication: IIS Waits for Request Entity Body Before It Sends a "401 Authentication Required" Response
    Q328894 MS First Character of Each Line Is Missing When You Print with the Generic Printer Driver
    Q328897 MS SNMP Extension Agent Events 2019 and 2020 Appear in the Application Event Log
    Q328924 KA
    Q328936 KA
    Q328981 MS Error Message "An Attempt Was Made to Remember a Device That Had Previously Been Remembered" When You Log On
    Q328991 KA
    Q329056 MS Fax Service Does Not Stop Sending a Queued Fax Job After the Modem Fails
    Q329068 MS CreateMultiProfileTransform() Stops Working After 1,000 Calls and Then Leaks Memory
    Q329112 KA
    Q329115 KA
    Q329120 KA
    Q329131 KA
    Q329145 KA
    Q329170 MS "File or Network Path No Longer Exists" Error Message When You Copy Files in Windows XP SP1
    Q329175 MS Rdbss.sys May Cause STOP 0xA Error
    Q329179 KA
    Q329184 KA
    Q329227 KA
    Q329258 KA
    Q329259 KA
    Q329264 KA
    Q329316 KA
    Q329346 MS A Handle Leak Occurs in Mstask.exe
    Q329347 KA
    Q329394 KA
    Q329405 MS DNS Name Resolution Does Not Work for Users Who Are Not Administrators
    Q329420 MS The LookupAccountSid Function Returns the Wrong Name After You Rename Accounts
    Q329459 MS FIX: IIS Does Not Refresh the File Cache for Non-Virtual Root Directories
    Q329489 KA
    Q329546 KA
    Q329586 KA
    Q329604 MS PostScript Print Jobs Containing Type-1 Multiple Master Metrics Fonts Are Not Printed
    Q329634 MS Dial-Up Connections Do Not Appear with Cluster Services Installed
    Q329647 KA
    Q329688 KA
    Q329772 KA
    Q329806 KA
    Q329938 KA
    Q329945 MS FIX: SCSI Miniport Driver Does Not Reload if the PNPInterface Key is Read Incorrectly
    Q329994 KA
    Q330012 MS ACL Editor GUI Changes to Special When You Use Security Template Manager
    Q330016 MS Stop 0x7f Error Occurs If You Disable Diskperf When Other Filter Drivers Are Loaded
    Q330028 KA
    Q330029 KA
    Q330031 KA
    Q330081 KA
    Q330086 KA
    Q330087 KA
    Q330363 KA
    Q330365 KA
    Q330421 KA
    Q330470 KA
    Q330553 KA
    Q330753 KA
    Q331018 KA
    Q331190 KA
  6. Doctor Evil

    Doctor Evil Power Member

    A noticia apareceu a 1 ou 2 dias atras no warp2search
  7. Doctor Evil

    Doctor Evil Power Member

  8. Mig

    Mig Power Member

    Se a lista de fix's é só isso acho que nem vou fazer o update!... :D :004:

    Agora a sério...
    ...CRUZES!... Tanta coisa!...
  9. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Mas tem lá umas com piada:
    "Host Name Resolution Does Not Work After One Year When You Use a Hosts File"
    "16-Bit Programs May Not Update the Screen on Processors Faster Than 2.0 GHz"
    "Disk Performance May Degrade Over Time"
    "You Cannot Access Protected Data After You Change Your Password"
  10. CyberX

    CyberX Power Member

    Ja' esta' disponivel na MS

    Logo na primeira pagina da MS.
    A versao Network Install (129.20 MB) nao me deu quaisquer problemas numa maquina virtual, mas voltou a activar alguns settings que eu tinha desabilitado (Windows Update Services).

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