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Windows 95 on VirtualBox or VmWare

Discussão em 'Microsoft: Discussão Geral' iniciada por diogooli, 4 de Outubro de 2016. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 711)

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone has an image of windows 95 for Virtualbox/Vmware?

    I thank you in advance,

    best regards,
    Diogo Oliveira
  2. carlos.fcpb

    carlos.fcpb Power Member

    Try to search on Google! :)

    I'm sorry, but i can't explain you because the answer is against the rules of this forum!
  3. JMCM

    JMCM Power Member

    I beliebe that your problem is because you cant boot from the win95 iso. Is that right?
    Maybe you dont know or remember that back then the windows CD’s weren’t bootable, so you need a bootcd. In that case you can get a win95 boot cd from here. I hope this can help you.

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