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Winning Eleven 8 out on August 5 (PS2)

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por FELiYCORA, 9 de Maio de 2004. (Respostas: 14; Visualizações: 1909)


    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex


    se é verdade n sei, pk n sei ler japones... :x2:
  2. greven

    greven Folding Artist

    Já tinha lido sobre a data de release do PES4 / WE8, mas não sabia detalhes. Mim happy! :) Quanto ao Japonês... Feliy, então, estás a falhar!!! :D
  3. Sparks

    Sparks Power Member

    Quero é a versão PC :D , já se sabe +- quanto possa sair ?

    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex

    axo k é no outono (PES4)
  5. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    Conforme prometido a PS2 continua sem online mas veremos o PES4 para PC. Tenho fé no online.
  6. Sadino

    Sadino I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Estou a ver que tenho que realmente chipar a consola :cool:
  7. Sacripanta

    Sacripanta SuperModeradorzinho
    Staff Member

    Já somos 2. Até pq a grande vantagem da ea é mmo a vertente online (ok, os nomes oficiais tb). Tornar o PES online parece ser o passo lógico a tomar.

    Custa-me a acreditar que alguém jogue fifa e pense "uau, isto parece mmo futebol.." :puke:

    Fds.. imaginam os derbys que vão ser, uns contra os outros? A longevidade do jogo triplica logo! :009:
  8. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Espero que tb hajam melhorias a nível dos Replays...

    Se a versão PC tiver online a versão XBOX é capaz de tb ter :D

    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex

    more news:

    ** 15th July **

    Confirmation from new Famitsu scans that:

    * 18 Dutch Eredivisie sides are fully licensed with kits

    * 18 Italian Serie A sides are fully licensed with kits

    * 20 Spanish La Liga sides are fully licensed with kits

    * jump trap - in previous games you had to shoot, pass, or clear the ball with a header when you jumped for a high ball, but on WE8 you can trap the ball with your chest when jumping.

    * soft heel pass - heel pass using the sole of your foot. the thingy zidane always does.

    * more polished one on one situations

    9th July

    Thanks to Konamilk for translating some of todays Famitsu magazine:

    * New effects (fire works,smoke)
    * New animation of supporters
    * New banners in stadium

    * Latvia are the only new National team thus far.

    Below is a list of the National Teams:

    -Real name

    Austria, Bergium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Porland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Turkey, Ukraine, Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Japan, Korea, Australia.

    -Fake name

    Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, North Ireland, Serbia Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Wales, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

    6th July

    * Free Kicks can be changed quickly after player presses shoot button. EG Player shoots but before he reaches the ball, the dummy taker kicks the ball to someone else.

    * When Crossing, the area is split into 9 parts representing 9 directions on D-pad. Eg Don't move the d-pad when crossing puts the ball on the penalty spot. Pressing opposite direction puts it to the far post.

    * Players do not just stop dead after reaching full speed and stopping. It takes a while for them to stop.

    More info on the new special feints (thanks to konamilk):

    Ronaldinho's "Flip Flap" feint - I dont know this is only for him,I lost my info source...
    All I know is "To do that move,push directional key (stick?) right to left (or L to R, Up to Down or... ) like real player does."

    "coup du foulard" - Limitted for High technique and Low weak foot frequency player.

    More info from the 2nd July Famitsu scans:

    Direct pass using chest (like Jan Koller does)
    Knee-height volley shoot while turning round
    Many outside kick motions - This means lower weak foot frequency players almost always use his main foot.
    Improved turn motions in dribbling

    June 14th

    Thanks to Polter @ evo-web for this, he got it from a Spanish Forum:

    - A 6th star difficulty will be unlockable in the WE shop.

    - The 3 options when starting ML are:

    1 - ML Default Team - Crappy Players like PES3
    2 - Team Real Members - Real Team (Becks, Zidane @ Real etc
    3 - Original Team - Crappy Players but you can change 3 players with real players

    The following is from ceysin over @ www.pesinsight.com :

    I've a Japaneese collegue called Kenji in our firm . I've draged him to my desk in order to urge him for a translation. Here they are...

    *** - New features, never mentioned before

    - *** Feints are completely enhanced - There will be a slow feint and and a faster feint of (Pushing L1 contiously) Feint, and will be more effective to fake the opponent.

    -*** New fakes will be used - Beside those there will be a left-right fake, player is going to fake as he is going right, and then he will rapidly drag the the ball to the left. It is quoted that in we7 these kind of actions were also avaliable manually , but this time, it will be clear and effective as a fake in we8..

    - *** Special actions for MANY specific players: And also, there
    would be some special actions for players. Kenji said that it says Special combinations for MANY specific players ' .. As far as we concerned there were only special actions for Del Piero (special shooting) and Raul (Special turn). It says you'd get amazed when you see these actions and these will be complete suprises for you.

    - *** New Ball Control : It says '' In other we series, player first
    holds and touches the ball and then turn. Only by pressing L1+R1 freely you can do some tricks. But in WE8, player with a high technique will controll a pass with a minimum touch on the ball, and turn his body to the direction that you want him to go.

    - *** Pace and Accelaration Difference will be clearly seen '' It
    says, even a player has a slow pace and accelaration, it was easy to go from wing and make a cross was easy. Especially computer used players with slow paces, can make great distances with ball wihout losing. In we8, differences between attributes (especially pace and accelaration) will be seen very clear.

    2nd July, from latest Famitsu mag

    Officially licensed by Eredivisie NV: real team names, player names and uniforms.
    Ronaldinho's "Flip-Flap" move is included
    The "La Bona" move is in the game (where the player crosses his legs to pass the ball, recently seen done by Ronaldo)
    Player actions increased: many motions of dribbling, trapping, shooting etc
    Move off ball runners in front of goal using
    Changes have occured when players slide for the ball
    Big changes in keepers AI and movement
    Big changes in training mode
    Easy formation setup
    Direction of crosses can be controlled


    June 4th News

    Translations from the 1st Famitsu magazine scans:

    - No online play
    - High through-pass ( L1 + /\ ) now has a power bar
    - Post-tackle brawl animation in which the referee gets involved
    - Linesman animation, seen after a player is given offside
    - 5 new abilities: Keep Dribble, Line Positioning, Side Player, Centre Player, Sliding
    - New passing system. You can now choose the distance of the pass and more accuratley select the player you want to pass too
    - More dribbling movements
    - New types of Penalty and Free Kicks
    - Increase in the AI of the CPU
    - The referee will not issue a yellow card for the first average tackle, but if a player continues to commit average fouls, a card will be given
    - Winning a game in Master League will raise the abilities of your players

    June 8th News

    10 Famous players in the game will have unique moves, such as how Raul has his special 180 degree turn in Pro Evo 3.


    - Game will be on DVD-Rom
    - Almost all club teams will have their real name
    - Almost all club team players will have their real names
    - Zico will be the leading PR figure
    - Some players wear gloves in the game, this can be seen in the new pictures
    - Some players have their socks rolled down further than others

    Translations from the 1st Famitsu scans. Thanks to Henry @ on here

    The Interview with Takatsuka

    Interviewer (Int.):It looks like there will be new motions for dribbling .

    Takatsuka (T) : We have been struggling because we couldn`t add flexibility . But this time , we were able to add a little bit of it .

    Int. : A little bit of flexibility ?

    T : yes. For example , if you want to turn 90 degrees , first you needed to go right , and then go up. So you needed to always move to turn . But in "8" , you don`t have to move . You could turn your self upwards without moving the ball . There`s a well known scene that uses this movement , if the opponent comes from front of you , first you stop the ball . Next you jump the ball , and turn your back to your opponent . And then , after protecting the ball turn again where you were heading and outrun the opponent .

    Int. : So you can just , adjust the direction your facing with out moving the ball ?

    T : Yes . You don`t have to use space , so the variations for dribbling increased . For controllers , there are some other secret features added too, so the feeling of playing is going to change alot .

    Int. : In Winning Eleven 7 International , you could make the ball float by using the right analog stick pressing Down > UP . And it looks like there are more of these kind of stuff .

    T : Yes. There are some technical moves (feints) added that you could use .

    Int . : What kind of feints are there ?

    T : For example , you try to go right, cut back just before touching the ball , and go left. You could do these kind of movements ordinarily.

    Int. : Looks like dribbling is fun !

    T : Well ..some parts have been weakened . In the past series , you could easily break through the side by using dash dribbling . But this time , players that have low dribbling capability runs (dash`s) really slow. So its hard to break through sides this time . It will be hard for teams like Japan .

    Int .: Are there any other changes with the controllers ?

    T : In the previous game , Marseille Roulette was added , and there were opinions that the analog pass was very hard to use because it use`s the same button .And you needed to press down the R3 button to use is . So this time ,we made it so that the users could chose to , turn the right analog stick 360 degrees while pressing in the R3 button , or just turn the right analog stick
    360 degrees for Marseille Roulette . You could change this in the Key config .

    Int. : It looks like the choices of pass`s increased .

    T : There`s no change of commands , but if you hold down the button about 1/6 seconds long , the target changes to the player thats a little far from you . In the past WE series , even if you wanted to (short) pass to the player that far from you , the ball went to the nearest player . So this time , the player could do what he(she) wants to do , compared to the previous series .

    Int . : So , if you hold down the button long , your able to skip the thats close to you ?

    T : Yes . You could use the normal (default pass ) button to do what you`ve been doing with the Manual Pass . And also , you could change the target for through pass`s and fly through`s .

    Int : It looks like you could send a " fly through " , skipping the defensive mid fielder and send it to the front line. (I don`t know if "front line" is the right word for this . )

    T : Yes . In the previous series , " you wanted to pass to the nearest player but went to the far player " or the opposite . The vagueness is gone . You could pick , which player (near or far) , you want to pass to .

    Int. : Oh, I see . Are there any changes for pass`s besides these ?

    T : The Centering (Cross ) has changed too . For the previous series , you changed "Far" "Near" "Grounder" by how much times you press the button . But this time , furthermore , you could choose where you want to pass (cross) the ball to ,by using the "+" button.

    Int, : If so , it looks like Centering (Crossing) will be very strong .

    T : I think the feel of game play has changed alot . Also the movement of the ball is better . So we were able to reproduced the shoot that you see in Premier League . Your able to shoot the ball that bounce`s off the ground 2 or 3 times and pierce`s in to the far side of the goal .

    Int : And about the Free Kick , looks like indirect & trick play and has been added .

    T : Yes. We thought that we couldn`t do any better at the time , but there was a technical innovation (lol) . Also , we were able to increase the number of personal (individual) motions (?) alot ,
    that only specific player had in the last series .

    Int. : So for the last series , there were like 4 or 5 patterns, but you added alot more to it ?

    T : Yes , alot more to it . We can`t reveal the player names but we`ve added PK motion`s too . Anyhow , we really worked on this (WE8) .

    Int. : So, looks like there will be feature`s added for gameplay , like for Free kick`s , touching (or pushing?)the ball a little. Are there lots of this ?

    T: Indirect Free kicks is a big sales point this time . Besides that there are more motion`s added for Obstruction`s , etc. But these systems are difficult . Because there are problems with the Goal Keeper and Defenders .

    Int. : Like for Free Kick , moving the wall (?) , because there are more FK variations added.

    T: Yeah .(This doesn`t mean you could move the wall !! They don`t have a clue yet .)

    Int. : So could you move the wall ?

    T : I don`t have any clue yet . But we can`t runaway from it because we`ve given the screenshots of the Indirect Free kick (lol) . We will add Indirect free kicks , BUT we haven`t decided if we will enable moving the walls , and don`t have a clue how to move it , if were going to . Well we will do are best (lol) .

    Int. : How about Defense ?

    T : Were trying to improve the AI , step by step . In the past series , the team gets weak if the sideback participates in offense (lol). So were trying to fix that by adjusting the capability of keeping the ball .

    Int. : How about strategies and tactics ? Are there any changes to it ?

    T : No we haven`t change it . But were going over , how it effects the game. We want to make the effect of the strategy , really noticeable like WE3 and WE4 .

    Int. : Speaking of AI , looks like the referee`s in the game this time . Isn`t he going to be annoying , like interfering in the game ?

    T : Well , he might (lol) . About the referee , we concentrated on the AI , if he will take advantage`s or not . For example , if you commit a foul thats really hard to pick if the referee should take advantage or not , he will take advantage the first time , but next time you do it , he`ll might give you a red card .
  10. oO-Psx2-Oo

    oO-Psx2-Oo Banido


    mas quando sai ??????? ja alguem tem

    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex

    ta no titulo da thread!!! 5 de agosto para PS2 no japão.
  12. oO-Psx2-Oo

    oO-Psx2-Oo Banido


    ja agr um off topic se alguem tiver jogos fixes q meta ai o msn para falarmos ;)
  13. Sacripanta

    Sacripanta SuperModeradorzinho
    Staff Member

    Chiu, pirata! :D:D ;):p

    E para pc? Essa é que é a questão IMPORTANTE!
    Quero um we8 online.. :'(
  14. I_Eat_All

    I_Eat_All Plasma Beam!

    está prevista uma versão gamecube?

    não contes muito com isso... w11 é a versão japonesa e lá pouca gente tem ligação de alta velocidade como nós e os americanos(exepto net cafés) ligações dessas são muito caras, lá o online na dreamcast falhou, bem como o da ps2 k ainda não pegou e o da nes, super nes e nintendo 64 teve aderençia de 50 mil pessoas acho eu, como disse o satoru iwata (presidente da nintendo) "se a xbox live fosse uma consola, 1 milhão de utilizadores seria um fracasso" (e os japoneses são + d 100 milhões acho eu), por isso não é viável um modo online só se for para vir o belo do prejuizo, jogos desenhados para online lá até vendem menos k os predecessores só por isso (aparentemente os japoneses n gostam de estar limitados por algo k n têm), se houver modo online não será viável lá, nem justificavel o tempo de produção extra para a implementar, apenas a versão ocidental poderá ter 1 modo online.

    ou mto me engano ou estou certo, mas de qq maneira o online ainda n arrancou no japão
    Última edição: 17 de Julho de 2004

    FELiYCORA 1st Folding then Sex

    o PES4 (tnt PS2 como PC) so no outono... infelizmente

    edit: I_Eat_All: o jogo vai ser multiplataforma, sei k pra Xbox ta confirmado, para gamecube n sei msm.

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