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MMO WoW - Novidade da Burning Crusade

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Spoky, 6 de Janeiro de 2007. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 1183)

  1. Spoky

    Spoky Power Member

    For Media Distribution January 4, 2007

    Blizzard has announced a new Wife Faction available only to male players that become attuned through the courtship and marital vows quest chain. Players are warned that while the quests and faction rewards may seem exciting and valuable, a significant ongoing time commitment will be required. Similar to raiding, it is anticipated that casual players are unlikely to be progress very well.

    Unlike previous factions, your score with the wife faction decays over time. Failing to perform appropriate quests for an extended period will result in faction declining to hated, with unpleasant consequences. Renouncing allegiance through the divorce proceedings quest line will result in an immediate fall to hated. At the hated level, the player's ability to accumulate gold and equipment will be severely hampered.

    Wife Faction Attunement

    The first step is to find an available female player. While any female can be selected (subject to her approval), players should consider the various stat bonuses and penalties associated with different versions of female players and how they will affect the player's future character development. Common methods of searching for female players include grouping to do quests and instances, working together on crafting skills, and embarassing yourself by using the /dance and /flirt macros. Some females can be found in guilds of various types (professional, religious, social, etc.).

    Once a female has been selected, the player needs to obtain the quest item "engagement ring" available from vendors in major cities. There are several tiers of engagement ring, ranging from the tier 0 gold band to the tier 5 multi-carat diamond. Higher tier rings increase the chances of successful attunement. In the event of failure, the ring is not expended and can be resused.

    If the female accepts, the player is immediately attuned. To complete the quest line, merely take her to one of the NPCs available to complete the matrimony quest and your engagement ring will be upgraded to a "wedding ring" and you now can participate in the wife faction. Be aware that completing the matrimony quest may cost a lot of gold.

    Gaining Wife Faction

    Wife faction can be gained through a series of repeatable quests. Higher level quests can be unlocked with sufficient faction. Players initially start at friendly with the wife faction. The following quests are available at friendly:

    Empty the Garbage and Mow the Lawn: Two of the basic repeatable quests for gaining faction. 1 point per completion. Push the lawnmower token around the grassy area near your domicile. After 1000 completions, the lawnmower token will be automatically upgraded to a riding lawn mower that can also be used as a regular speed mount. Empty the Garbage consists in gathering up vendor trash and depositing it in the Garbage Can that will be located near post office boxes in all major cities. Failure to perform these quests at least once a week results in a loss of 10 faction on top of normal decay.

    Shopping for shoes: Perhaps more exciting than Empty the Garbage (but maybe not), this is a one time quest that will gain you 100 faction. Although it could be repeated, further iterations will lower your intelligence and stamina by 10 points per repetition, so it is not advisable. Shopping for other items with the attuned female player will grant 12 faction per occurance, but not more than once a month.

    Visit the Gym: Can be repeated up to four times a week for 5 points each visit. More than four times a week will raise suspicion in your attuned female, and not doing this quest at all will increase criticism by your attuned female. Both of these conditions result in a loss of 5 faction per day until dispelled by a priest or social worker NPC.

    Mother-in-law: Tolerating a visit by the mother of your attuned female will raise faction by 50 points. Pretending to be excited about the visit receives a 25 point bonus.

    Buying Flowers: If faction falls to neutral (or even unfriendly) due to neglect of questing or negative actions on the players part, Buying Flowers can raise faction up to 500 points. If this is not sufficient to rectify the situation, the player will need to repeat the Sleep on the Couch quest for two faction points per night until friendly level is attained.

    Benefits of Friendly Reputation

    Conjugal Visits: players at the friendly level can interact with their attuned female in a manner that may produce child tokens. Child tokens are soulbound and cannot be sold on the auction house or given to other players.

    Creating a child token opens two new quests called Kids Homework and Argue About Chores. Succesfully completing the Kids Homework quest at least three times a week prevents child tokens from converting to delinquent tokens that reduce mana and health regeneration by 25%. Successfully completing the Argue About Chores quest once a week eliminates the need to perform Empty the Garbage and Mow the Lawn quests on your own. Both quests are worth 7 points per completion.

    Benefits of Revered Reputation

    At revered faction standing, conjugal visits are suplemented by the Sultry Getaways quest. This quest still can result in child token creation, but now gives 50 points of faction. To do this quest, take your attuned female to an inn and pay the innkeeper the requested amount of gold (depending upon location). Note that completing this quest with a non-attuned player or NPC results in dropping to hated with the Wife Faction.

    New quests available at revered

    Home Repairs: Each completion of the home repairs quest results in the award of 20 faction and a hand tool trinket. Each trinket has various stat bonuses and can be upgraded to an epic powertools trinket by right clicking it and doing the quest offered. These quests generally involve gathering mats and crafting an item requested by your attuned female.

    Family Vacation: Once you have acquired one or more child tokens, you can participate in this quest. The amount of faction gained varies from 100-1000 and depends upon the amount of gold spent and the number of zones visited. You receive 10% bonus honor for visiting your attuned female's parents. Can be repeated once a year.

    Shopping Spree: A higher level quest available for grinding faction quickly. Costs a lot of gold, but grants 250 faction per repetition. Simply give the gold to your attuned female, and she will complete the quest for you in Stormwind or the Undercity. No limit on how often you can do this, and while your attuned female is busy completing the quest, you have unlimited access to the computer game quest line.

    Benefits of Exalted Reputation

    Exalted reputation opens yet another quest called Exotic Encounters that is worth 100 faction points for maintaining faction level. This quest can only be completed in remote areas of zones that will require significant amounts of gold and flying mounts to access.

    Exalted reputation may also result in access to the computer trinkets in the game quarters in Stormwind or Orgrimar. This depends upon the predilections of your attuned female. In some cases, the attuned female and/or child tokens may participate with you if you expend a significant amount of gold for additional computer trinkets.

  2. _Rock_

    _Rock_ I'm cool cuz I Fold

    LOL isto daqui a um bocado é um Sims :P

    Isto é verdade mesmo? :wow:

  3. XKnight

    XKnight Power Member

    LOLOL, Spoky n sei onde leste isso mas ta bastante imaginativo! hehe

    Pelo conteudo geral axo k e tanga.
    Mas dps por esta frase tenho a certeza:
    Desgraçado do ppl k joga pouco... eles nunca fariam isso... mas tem piada :P
  4. Spoky

    Spoky Power Member

    Última edição: 7 de Janeiro de 2007
  5. fl1pp3r

    fl1pp3r Power Member

    Link source or it did not happen :p
  6. [_Silence_]

    [_Silence_] OC Legend


    Sai mais caro do que ficar exalted com CC a comprar textos :x2:

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