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wpcredit e nforce 4

Discussão em 'Overclock & Benchmark' iniciada por gatohumano, 20 de Fevereiro de 2006. (Respostas: 7; Visualizações: 899)

  1. gatohumano

    gatohumano I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Boas,alguem sabe se existe o *.pcr file para nforce 4?
    ja andei a procura e não encontro em lado nenhum.
  2. MadDog

    MadDog Mega BOINC

    Vê lá se aqui nestes links não está o que procuras.

  3. Sway

    Sway To fold or to FOLD?

    o que é isso?
  4. God_Lx

    God_Lx Folding Member

    Sway useless stuff hj em dia :P Isto era pras nForce2 ;) Vai à thread da tabela do CPU-Z :P
  5. MadDog

    MadDog Mega BOINC

    Penso que seja um tweak manhoso, ao menos lembro.me de á uns anos atraz ver isso numa pagina, em que alguem queria isso para mexer nuns setings das memorias sem ser na bios, nao te sei responder bem á pergunta.
  6. God_Lx

    God_Lx Folding Member

    O A64Tweaker usa isto de certa forma :) Mas o CodeRed fez um interface todo pipi...
  7. Sway

    Sway To fold or to FOLD?

    se é um tweak e tu nao sabes o que é entao nao deve ser grande coisa...:x2:

    God_Lx: vai la tu agora!
  8. MadDog

    MadDog Mega BOINC

    Aqui fica o tal topico de que falei á um bocado, dá para ter uma ligeira ideia do que é:


    Does anybody know something about a PCR file for nForce? I´m still thinking, why nForce hasn´t 4-way interlieaving enabled! I would love to tweak my system like I did with my old via apollo.
    I was looking on h-oda´s homepage, but there is nothing about nForce. If somebody knows how to create such a PCR file, please tell it to me. I think nForce needs much more tools and stuff to tune, CAS latency for example is a bad thing to set in bios. asus only have "turbo" and "normal", nothin about precharge and so on. And u can´t set the in-order-que-deth and many many more. why can´t asus or msi make a good bios in which u can set all things? And why doesn´t anybody make a "tweaked" or "cracked" bios, like for the elitegroup (sis or something)?

    I would like to hear ur oppinion about.

    Hi Simon,

    AFAIK, the restricted bios options are down to NVIDIA - they obviously want a product known for stability not for overclockability (and therefore instability) which is why a lot of the memory options are hidden.

    If you and the others keep plugging away though, I'm sure something will turn up eventually.
    I suspect, but am not quite sure, that the interleave is one way due to the mem architecture. As in 128 bit opposed to 64. That may also be the reason ocing is seldom very profitable. It just messes with the mem system.
    I am waiting for some kind soul to release a tweakbios for this. If I knew code I would be on it! Hmmm there's a thought! I want to get the apu off of the same irq as the vid card. I am running sans acpi in bios and os.
    There is no option to set the apu irq.........well, that I know of
    There is more juice to be had with the nForce, the obviose reason for not having the bios we are looking for is the instability they offer. Just think a NON-Techy person can put a nForce together and get it running with no problem. THis cant be said about other motherboards.

    But I would love to see nVidia make a tweakers bios, with the warning set as "at your own risk"

    The end :)

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