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WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Cmind18, 12 de Maio de 2007. (Respostas: 8; Visualizações: 3014)

  1. Cmind18

    Cmind18 Power Member

    We'll take every bit of information that's given in the articles and list them here. It's best to start early on these things. If you know something that isn't on the list and have a credible source / proof - please tell. Keep in mind - this may take a while before it's completely updated.

    Roster (Unofficial):

    The following have been unofficially confirmed either via a screenshot, video, or article from a trustworthy site. There will be more than 50 superstars.

    Bobby Lashley
    Chris Benoit
    Chris Masters
    John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Triple H

    ECW wrestlers will also be included.


    - There will be 8 "Superstar Fighting Styles" which differentiate superstars from each other. These styles offer specific strategies and abilities that other wrestlers won't have. Styles work in different ways, so it's up to you to learn how to use it for each match type. Each superstar has a primary style and a secondary style. You will only have a special move for your primary style. You will be able to apply Fighting Styles to created superstars and the in-game wrestlers. However, there will be limits depending on weight classes. For instance, Kane can't be a high flyer.

    The styles include:

    Brawler: Will be proficient in striking with special moves related to striking.
    Dirty: Proficient in dirty tactics such as hiding behind the referee, shoving the referee into their opponent, and use of the "con-chair-to." If you hide behind the referee, you are invincible.
    Hardcore: They will have special abilities with weapons and will be proficient in no-dq matches. Also, they will be able to use the environment in ways others can't.
    High Flyer: Will have more aerial moves than other styles. They will be able to launch themselves over the ropes and other areas, unlike other styles. Four confirmed High Flyer attacks include a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside, an Asai Moonsault to the outside, the West Coast Pop Springboard Hurricanrana, and Sabu's Springboard Side Kick.
    Powerhouse: If a powerhouse stores a special, they'll be able to use it to kick out of any pin. Also, they will be able to use the ring as a weapon (slamming into corners, powerbomb on steps).
    Showman: A cocky and arrogant wrestler, they taunt and get the crowd into it. They will lower their foes momentum (think HBK, Orton, and even Undertaker.)
    Submission Artist: Will be proficient in holds and have special abilities related to that.
    Technician: Technicians will be proficient in reversals and technique. They will be able to reverse moves others can't.

    - The "Struggle Submission System" gives users analog grappling control and the ability to adjust how much pressure their holds have. The "motion blending" system works the same for both offense and for defense. Players will add pressure on the analog stick to add pressure on the move. The system is described as a "cat and mouse game". The person getting the move done to can leave his or her stick alone and offer no resistance to the hold, or work it to one side and try to power out of the lock. The system adds strategy and will go back and forth.

    - The DS version will have touch screen control and will be different than "traditional wrestling games".

    - ECW superstars, arenas, and weapons will be included. ECW will have exclusive match types and weapons.

    - There will be three announce teams. We must assume that it will be - RAW - J.R. & King, ECW - Joey Styles & Tazz, and SmackDown! - JBL & Michael Cole.


    - WWE 24/7 Mode was announced, which will combine Season and General Manager mode elements. It's not 100% known at this time if both GM Mode and Season mode have been removed, but it seems to be that way. The theme of the mode is that you're a WWE superstar who wants to become a WWE Legend. As opposed to winning a match at WrestleMania, your goal will now be to become a WWE Legend. In order to do that, you will have to complete a long list of objectives. A created wrestler will take longer to get to "Legend" status as opposed to someone who's already an accomplished superstar like Undertaker. You will start out on RAW or SmackDown! and you can switch shows throughout your time in the mode. There will also be specific created superstar paths.

    The mode that will have players training their characters, coping with injuries and managing their brand. "This year it's all about being a legend." (source)

    - There will be multiple character development options, stat tracking and career goals will guide players to the ultimate achievement of becoming a WWE Legend.

    - New storylines, cut scenes, and story branching immerses the player into the WWE world.

    - An improved interface and load times guide the player through multiple years of WWE programming.


    - In addition to intuitive motion-based controls, THQ hopes to make the game accessible to the broadest number of users possible with faster, more arcade-like gameplay, and less emphasis on simulation-style elements (for example, there will be no stamina meter). But that's not to say the game won't have a deep feature set. Building upon previous versions of SmackDown vs. Raw, the Wii version will include eight different fighting styles: Technical, Submission Artist, Showman, Powerhouse, High Flyer, Hardcore, Dirty, and Brawler. The fighting styles won't only allow the wrestlers to behave more like their real-life counterparts, but will give them unique special moves available only to their style. Powerhouses, for example, can mightily kick out of any pin if they have a finishing move stored in reserve, and Dirty wrestlers can push the referee at opponents.

    - On Wii, you can actually make a punching motion with the Wii remote to punch, a lifting motion to lift an opponent up by the throat, and then a downward movement to chokeslam him to the mat. A demonstrator even mimicked DX's infamous crotch-chop with the nunchuk and remote to make his character, Triple H, perform the taunt in-game.


    - Will have touch-screen-based moves.

    - Is being developed by Amaze.

    - Will have more than 80 holds.

    - Will have a complete Season Mode with multiple storylines.

    - Will feature 20 grapplers from RAW, SmackDown!, and ECW.

    DS Roster:

    Chris Benoit
    Triple H


    Info for the mobile version of the game:

    Mobile Roster:

    Bobby Lashley
    John Cena
    Marcus Cor Von
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Shawn Michaels
    Triple H

    - The game will have a CAW Mode

    - There will be a 3D and a 2D version of the game.

    - Match Types include Single, Hardcore, & Steel Cage

    Source: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/WWE+SmackDown+vs.+RAW+2008/news.asp?c=2766


    - The game will release on PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, & Nintendo DS

    - AI (notably in Tag Team matches), animation quality, collision detection, and clipping were supposedly put "top priorities" in terms of what the team wants to fix. Animation is especially a top priority, or the "franchise objective" (highest priority) as Cory Ledesma stated.

    - Blending between moves and general movements like walking, running, climbing will be better.

    - Collision problems that are visible during certain "up close" moves are being worked on.

    - Cory Ledesma gave an example explaining how a superstar like Kane will move around much slower than Rey Mysterio. All of Mysterio's and Kane's animations would also tie into their style and the gameplay.

    - Some moves are being reanimated as opposed to just being improved.

    - Expect brand new animations for running around, getting in and out of the ring, and picking up weapons.

    - If you go from walking to running, you'll now notice a blended transition between the two. Going from picking up a weapon to standing up will also look better.

    - Each superstar has two fighting styles.

    - The DS version will have touch screen control and will be different than "traditional wrestling games".

    - When it comes to online - how the match plays, its quality and framerate, and the interface will be addressed.

    - ECW will be treated equally as a brand along with RAW and SmackDown! It's going to be just as equal to Raw and Smackdown as far as superstars, arenas, attacks you'll have in season mode, you'll have exclusive weapons, exclusive match types (source)

    - SmackDown vs. Raw vs. ECW would've been a long title. Also, SmackDown vs. Raw is recognizable household name at this point.

    - HUD elements have possibly been removed as the animations should let you know of your progress.

    - Dave Lagana, head writer of the ECW brand, is helping in writing storylines. He rewrote about 60% of the scripts and supervised the rest.

    - There will be more Environmental Hot Spots.

    - Idol Stevens, Casey James, Nicky & Mikey of the Spirit Squad, and other WWE developmental talent are doing motion capture for the game.

    - A future game solely involving WWE Legends is possible.

    - Blood is more important, now that ECW is included (supposedly).

    Esta imagem....mas melhor....:lol:

  2. ALA10

    ALA10 Power Member

    O título está mal escrito é Smackdown e não Samckdwon.
    Pena é o artigo estar em inglês e muito extenso, senão até "perdia" algum tempo a vê-lo. Só espero que seja melhor do que aquilo que fizeram com o 2007, nem preciso dizer o que foi... >(
  3. Cmind18

    Cmind18 Power Member

    Sorry pelo titulo...:) .....e ja agora o jogo pelo menos na ps2 era de arromba....na psp nunca joguei....
  4. Soldier#cs.ns

    Soldier#cs.ns Power Member

    Espero q o SvR08 seja a matar!!! Algumas coisas desiludiram me bem no 07 cm os graficos, a impossibilidade de fazer carreira cm uma lenda, a ligeira "deficiencia" dos combates... (quem ja jogou sabe do q falo... :D
  5. JDaman

    JDaman Power Member

    Na PSP vai se usar o D-Pad enquanto no resto das consolas usa-se o analogico.
  6. ALA10

    ALA10 Power Member

    Eu também nunca joguei na PSP, mas posso afirmar porque me fartei de jogar ao jogo na PS2 que não gostei nada das inovações que eles fizeram ao nível dos controlos, os gráficos- mais do mesmo... Para mim, o vs Raw 2006 foi muito melhor e, até achei o vs Raw 2007 mais fácil. :)
  7. Garm

    Garm Power Member

    Já lançavam isto para PC. >(

    Desde o WWE Raw que não lançam um jogo de wrestling para PC e mesmo esse apesar dos bons gráficos para a altura tinha uma jogabilidade e detecção de colisão horrorosa (do género um gajo alto não conseguia socar os mais baixos).

    Mas como duvido que alguma vez o WWE: SvsR saie para PC e como não planeio comprar consolas tão cedo, fico mais um aninho a contentar-me com as screenshots...
  8. lmikotas

    lmikotas Power Member

  9. Cmind18

    Cmind18 Power Member

    E realmente um jogo que se espera ser dos melhores wii....pois tem o comando wiimote que pode ajudar muito a evoluçao do jogo....esperemos que sim....

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