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X2 out in europe!!

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Vandrare, 23 de Fevereiro de 2004. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 1085)

  1. Vandrare

    Vandrare Power Member

    Ben, a versao europeia ja saiu... agora vamos ver como é que vai ser o marketing:rolleyes:

    ta aki uma review:D 92% :D :D :D


    Format: PC

    Developer: Egosoft

    publisher: Deep Silver

    Max players: 1

    Genre :Shoot 'em Up

    27 Jan 04 Space, as the man said, is big. Of course, until now the accepted wisdom was also that space is very, very black. Or at least whatever that colour is that you get when you remove all light and replace it with dark matter. Or whatever space is made from. Look, don't ask me. I'm not an astronaut. I play games for a living. It's confusing enough just working out why people don't all fall sideways when they walk down the street.
    Anyway, space. The inky black void. Except for in the wonderful world of X2: The Threat, where it appears that space has been remodelled by Jackson Pollock. In the middle of a paint factory explosion. On acid. Even Stanley Kubrick would have baulked at this.

    Which has probably given you all the impression that I think X2 is one ugly mother of a beast. The Ann Widdecombe of space simulations. But a single glance at any one of the lovingly presented screenshots accompanying these words will show up that supposition to be wrong. Very, very wrong. In fact, I'll go out on a limb right here, before I've even had time to erect a literary safety net or anything, and state that there won't be a better looking game all year. Unless Half-Life 2 bothers to show up of course, in which case it's the second best.

    I mean, look at it! Go on, have a glance around these pages. Flick back and forth. Turn them upside down. Lie alongside them in the bed, caressing their neck and making soft cooing noises. They're gorgeous aren't they? X2 is one of those games that art departments love as it's almost impossible to make it look bad.

    Forgive me for going on about something so facile as a game's visuals so early on, but sometimes you have to let yourself wallow in the surface delights before you plunge headlong into the meaty stew at the heart of things. And if that's not a tortured metaphor in desperate search of a linking crosshead, then I don't know what is...

    So, what is X2: The Threat then? Obviously, a platform romp set during medieval Europe. One cunningly disguised, mind you, as a hardcore space-based trading and combat simulation, weaving elements of mysterious alien aggressors, long-lost explorers searching for a way home and the touching tale of a wayward boy discovering the true nature of his father. Sounds a bit like Star Wars, come to think of it.

    Before I get started on this extended love letter to X2's developer, Egosoft, I might as well temper it with a bit of criticism. The story aspects of the game are nothing to fax home about. The plot, while fun enough, is one of cliché and predictability. The FMV animations used to further proceedings are distinctly unimpressive (let's just say that facial rendering isn't exactly Egosoft's strongest point). And while we're at it, the interface isn't the most natural in the world, and too often you find yourself accidentally opening the wrong information windows.

    Right, that's everything negative I can currently think of to say about X2, all done in a single paragraph, so as not to pollute the rest of the review. Because putting all that to one side, what we have here is perhaps the finest game to strap on its space-trading boots since the seminal Elite. It's better than Freelancer, better than EVE Online, better than the original X: Beyond The Frontier, better than any number of Privateers, Battlecruisers, Freespaces and Frontiers. Best, best, best. Am I making this clear enough?

    Justify yourself then, man. Well, for a start, Egosoft has thought of everything. Anyone that played the first X, way back when, couldn't help but be impressed by the ambition on show. Okay, some found it slow-going at first and as such never gave it a fair shake. But those who persevered long enough to get their first engine booster suddenly found a virtual universe of possibility. Accompanied by a universe of untapped potential.

    Why couldn't we buy other ships? Why couldn't we run factories of our own? Why couldn't we control wingmen or order other pilots or this, that and the other? We're greedy bastards basically, and we demand satisfaction.

    Which is exactly what Egosoft has delivered. Satisfaction on a great big gaming plate, decorated with gameplay garnishings and covered with game design sauce. Everything we asked for in X: Beyond The Frontier has been delivered - and then some. Want to trade your starting ship in for a bigger model? Earn the money and go ahead. In fact, why not buy yourself an entire fleet, issue them with all sorts of trading orders and create a business empire to rival Richard Branson?

    Not content with just shipping goods about? So buy yourself a manufacturing factory, start making high-grade weapons platforms and sell them to others. Or buy a raft of factories, all supplying each other. Or set up a pirate base on the edge of a system, fill it with fighters and hunt, loot and pillage to your heart's content. Or this, that and the other, basically, but ten times as much.

    And There's More...

    Font: http://www.pczone.co.uk
  2. Vandrare

    Vandrare Power Member

  3. Vandrare

    Vandrare Power Member

    Se alguem experimentar o demo diga o k axa
  4. NeoToPower

    NeoToPower 1st Folding then Sex

  5. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

    lol este ghost mais este jogo........:D:D

    bem vou ver se experimento......

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