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Xbox [X360] The Red Mist (Microsoft & Konami)

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por hugiPT, 11 de Maio de 2009. (Respostas: 59; Visualizações: 3407)

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  1. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Konami North America: “The Red Mist” Project is much alive, only under a different name!

    There you have it!

    After we reached out to Konami Japan and received devious information regarding their non-support on such title, we were given the idea that could be something else engaging this project. Was it still alive? If so, who is actually working on it?

    Later on, after approaching the North America representatives over Konami, we received the final conclusion:

    “The Red Mist” Project is much alive, only under a different name!”

    Now, we know that the game is actually on the rails, but by the hand of North America Konami, instead of Konami Japan…Interesting in fact.

    Microsoft Game Studios representative also drew a little curtain:

    “At the present moment, we have many projects under surveillance. We cannot comment on all of them, all I can tell you about the so called “Red Mist” is that it´s real, it´s exclusive to our platforms (Could this mean it´s coming out also on PC?) and is being developed along with Konami´s American gaming department.”

    Now let´s sit around and wait for the final name and hopefully to have a first glimpse of the current footage of the game at E3, or sooner.

    Vou manter as imagens para o pessoal ter mais ou menos uma ideia.


    Editora: Microsoft
    Produtora: Konami
    Género: Acção/Horror/RPG
    Lançamento: (TBA)

    The story was told to be influenced by real facts, regarding the diary of a young girl with psychological problematic traumas, patience of a unit care, who committed suicide 20 years ago. The girl used to claim that all the demons living in her mind where not only feeding on her emotions but also slowly poisoning all life around her. So the only way to defy and defeat them was to drain them off of her own blood.

    "The Red Mist" is a brand new concept on the horror genre. The game will evolve around a free open world of real human conditions and emotions, regarding such serious and controversial manners as paranoiac schizophrenia, dementia and depression.

    Jade is a severed young lady, set apart from all of her memories eversince her mother`s bizzare murdering.
    Upon an outside world, she will stand as a stranger inside her own shaded mind, drowning in paranoia while trying to recover the lost broken fragments of life. In time her fragile mental and physical conduction will fall through ashes, taking you on a downfall into a hell of her own, where sanity will be put to test at every glimpse of notion.

    In the end, the main struggle lies within the conquering of your own clarity and the strife to overcome the shadows of your existence.





    Actress Kristen Stewart “unofficially” confirms the making of "The Red Mist" and her role in the game.


    The star of the "Twilight" movie franchise, has been rumored around recently as been one of the selected actors to play a role on the up-coming horror flick game, "The Red Mist". Although, a month ago, it was all a barely speculation, but in a recent interview given by the actress to the magazine "Premiere" where she gave out a few details regarding the game, and her contribution to such as you can testify below:

    "I´ve got a few projects up running, but not all of them regarding the movie business. I have been working on something totally insane, if i told you wouldn´t probably believe it anyway."

    "There`s these thing, this game, well it´s a very adult game, very strong and very painful. So I was casted by Microsoft to play the role as the main character in the game. I have been starting out some virtual acting sequences and later I will induce my voice to the character as well."

    "I can´t tell you much about this, i believe it hasn´t been official zed yet, so you know...All i can say is that this project is giving me the creeps, for real! My character suffers from a hurtful trauma, but deep inside she knows more that most sane people seem to know, in different realms of reality and all but it´s really awkward. I´m very passionate about this."

    Recente Podcast!

    • The very first time we conceived such project, dated back to the day we were working on the first Silent Hill game. We had this vision where we wanted to build an entire free roaming psychological horror driven adventure, with a main focus on exploring, action, ambiance and a lot of revelations to keep up. But such project was almost impossible to build during those times, the hardware was not up to the test and the project went off.
    • Later on, we were approached buy Sony Computer Entertainment Japan to work on a new horror franchise regarding the series “Siren” and after a few interrogations, we decided to bring back the old project on the table. First we were given a green light to start it off, but later on, the project was getting bigger and way more expensive than what was first discussed, so to them (SCE) it wasn´t necessary what they were looking forward to, and declined further involvement.
    • After the usual demands, we where contacted by Microsoft, and here we are. Although we are happy now, there`s still a long long journey up ahead until we have this bastard (the game) ready so take a break, go travel or whatever, but don´t bother keep asking us over and over – “When it´s done?” – When it´s done it´s done and you will be the first ones to know.
    • As the game goes, The Red Mist, can be seen as the closest you could get to a real playable movie. We will have many open set settings over a free roaming world to explore. The game will have a main ground, a grungy city, not a “Silent Hill” kind of town, just a normal regular town, it´s own habitants, secrets and dark memories. That´s where you will find your main character. A young female, who has suffered a deep cut in her life. Now her home is a local Asylum, and that´s where you will start out in the game. From that point on, it´s totally up to you, the path to take, the way to lead, the choices to contemplate, the characters to interact with, and so on.
    • There will be no right or wrong choices here. Everything you do or choose to do, will unlock either a part of the character´s previous life memories, or either put her in a position of disdain, where you will have to further explore more clues to keep you going through. The confrontations will often take you inside the character´s mind and the insanity that it holds. None the less, it is not only what strikes you in the eyes. People can be stranger than fiction, but people as people, are not your only concern here, what hides beyond these shadows and these whispers. What could it all mean, from where to whom are they rumbling? I leave it up now, the drama is settle here.
    • We don´t have much more to add at the moment. The game is still under a prior process and we are working with the most high-tech tools of production ever implemented on a video game at this point. Every character, every scenery, will have a ultra dimensional resolution, which will be worked on from real life actors and real localizations. We hare working on different pieces of different cities in order to built our own real in-game city.
    • Last, the game is only coming out on Xbox 360, which means no PC or PlayStation 3 will be in the run. I´m not even gonna mention Wii, it´s a sweet machine, but not over a flaming meteor it could run our “baby” here.
    • As for a release date goes, we don´t feel like rushing it up, we will take as much time as wisely it request, since from Microsoft we where given a total date free cast. We have at the moment more than 100 people working on this game, so who knows, maybe you will all be playing it by the end of 2010. Keep your fingers crossed.

    New show offs on the rendering and build-gen set of The Red Mist engine particle

    The tools beyond the "mist" - Scale on fragmantion and a new conceptive engine



    Virtual facial modeling source of TRM caption engine - Kristen Stweart

    The base:

    The aftermath:

    New show offs on the rendering and build-gen set of The Red Mist engine particle

    Scarlet shade rust frag


    White shade frag


    Closure and frem-lisen


    Dinamic-synt. - The up-tone render



    Latest buzz: The Red Mist production cost uphill!


    It goes by the code name of “The Red Mist” it has been kept mainly underground as a secret weapon of some kind, both from Microsoft programming studios and Konami´s engaging mind.

    The game is being focused around daily rumors. So what´s for today? It has been given out that the production cost of this open world horror adventure, will beat both Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War put together. Why?

    We believe it may have something to do with a new technological tool debased as the “drone engine” which implements fully dynamic particles both in motion and settle, given the viewer a truly cinematique experience, never foreseen.

    Question is, can the Xbox 360 pull this off? Apparently it does, if not, what else?


    Cheira-me a grande jogo...

    [RUMOR] Em relação aos custos :

    "Another day another dollar - Exclusivity of (ex) The Red Mist game, may have cost Microsoft 80 million dollars plus the production cost which is rumored to be around the mark of 400 millions.

    After today´s semi-official announcement from both Konami and Microsoft on the exclusivity of prior horror titled “The Red Mist”, a small buzz has been flowing down charts.

    It is known that the game was previously announced as main PS3 exclusive, back in the days (like 3 years ago or so, still under the “Siren” sign) later on, the business went totally off and Konami departed ways with Sony, leaving the game out in the wild for a major catch.

    The rest of the story is formerly known as Microsoft coming above and rescuing the project, although not for free.
    As the rumors suggest, such acquisition may have cost Microsoft a large debunk, it is mentioned it could be around 80 million dollars but if this seems high, it´s not any higher than the value of the stipulated production cost, which has been rumored to go over the mark of the 400 millions, influenced by the new dynamic digital engine of the game and brand new procreative devices which are also being part of Windows 7 process."
    Última edição: 13 de Maio de 2009
  2. xamel

    xamel Power Member

    Era este o tal exclusivo que tavam a preparar?
    Esperava outra coisa...

    Parece "mais um silent hill". Não desgosto, apenas não aprecio muito.
  3. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    É capaz de ser isto e um Remake do MGS4.Se bem que Remake do MGS4 não é bem exclusivo.

    Não digas já que não gostas porque ainda nem exprimentaste , quem sabe não vás gostar ;)
  4. xamel

    xamel Power Member

    Re-lê bem.
    Não disse que não gosto.
    Disse que é um género que não me atrai muito.
  5. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Yup , erro meu :)

    Seja como for parece muito bom :D
  6. Old Snake

    Old Snake Power Member

    Remake? Quanto muito um port :p

    Btw, no meio de tanta informação, não consegui descortinar qual o estúdio responsável pelo jogo. Uma parceria entre Microsoft e Konami é muito vago.
  7. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Tem o progamador do Silent Hill 1 e 2.
  8. bseixas

    bseixas Power Member

    O jogo n me desperta grande interesse, mas a "miúda"... :D
  9. massiveman

    massiveman Power Member

    WoW que gaja xD quanto ao jogo e esperar para ver lol
  10. Sephiroth_zer0

    Sephiroth_zer0 Power Member

    O género em si não é dos meus preferidos, mas se tiver uma grande história e ambiente talvez de uma oportunidade, vou ficar atento a novidades, no entanto achei uma aposta diferente por parte da m$ o que me deixou contente.
  11. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    quando vi isto pensei no Alan Wake :D
  12. Sephiroth_zer0

    Sephiroth_zer0 Power Member

    Hum, a sério? vejo este jogo, como um jogo com menos acção, um jogo mais parado mas que estará constantemente a "brincar" com a nossa componente psicológica.
  13. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Depois de ler +- como ia ser deixei logo essa impressão de fora , mas no momento em que li e tal pensei : "olha outro Alan Wake ?"

    Agora já vi que vai ser diferente claro , seja como for espero um grande jogo , finais de 2010 ainda faltam um bocado mas quero muito saber novidades!
  14. Parece-me muito bem este jogo! Que venham mais noticias, e que apareca na E3 :P
  15. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Não sei se vai aparecer , eu quero acreditar que sim mas se so for para ser lançado nos fins de 2010 então não faz muito sentido e tendo em conta como é a Microsoft ...
  16. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Este jogo deixa-me bastante interessado... mas final de 2010... mais valia não mandarem os teasers já :P

    Espero que continuem a mostrar imagens e que consigam "financiamento" para acabar isto como deve ser.
  17. kad

    kad Power Member

    Financiamento não deve ser problema, caso seja a microsoft a editora...so tem que se chegar a frente!!
  18. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Creio que neste momento o dinheiro não é o problema até porque estamos a falar da Microsoft.

    Estou mais recioso acerca dos que estão a prometer do grafismo...
  19. Old Snake

    Old Snake Power Member

    Financiamento não é problema? Get real.

    Mesmo que seja a Microsoft, não vão investir à louca num jogo que não tenha o mínimo potencial de se tornar num hit como um HALO ou Gears.

    Não sei quais foram os valores para HALO e Gears, mas o GTA segundo consta chegou aos 100 milhões de $ (provavelmente já com a publicidade incluída).

    Quem acreditar nisto não deve ter grande noção da realidade :rolleyes:
  20. Sephiroth_zer0

    Sephiroth_zer0 Power Member

    Completamente, acho que é fácil ver que este tipo de jogo não é um jogo para agradar às massas, pode até conquistar muitos fãs e ter óptimas reviews, mas nunca vendera tanto como um halo por exemplo, IMO.
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