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Xbox Xbox360: Ign Analisa O Caixão De Defunto

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por chundabr, 1 de Fevereiro de 2007. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 3325)

  1. IGN Xbox 360 Coffin Review
    Our console coffin arrives--the heart-wrenching story.
    by Mark Ryan Sallee

    January 31, 2007 - Though these words are written on a January afternoon in 2007, this story actually begins over one year ago. Early in December 2005, we championed home our new Xbox 360 console. Glory.

    But no more than a week ago, that same bright-eyed console that booted its way into our hearts had ultimately booted its last game. At first there was sorrow. Then rushed the memories of good times enjoyed. Haunting horrors of the bad games. And finally back to sorrow.

    Death becks
    and whispers slyly
    You offered good times
    Taunting now
    it seems

    Through hours
    of Oblivion
    You persevered
    Determined, loading, heating up
    And yet never
    dared to falter

    Even tortured
    by Full Auto
    Your lights stayed green
    Thoughts of red
    far removed
    Thoughts of red

    But as the trees
    fade from green to brown
    So your lights
    lost their pleasant hue
    Adopting red


    As with any passing, funeral arrangements were an unpleasant necessity. Dialing into Microsoft, we were greeted by Max, a cheery mate that makes dying Xbox 360s seem cool. Max is an automated greeter you can personally experience by calling 1-800-4MY-XBOX. His speech is a bit obnoxious -- sort of how we imagine the inventor of the hoody-blazer talks -- but Max connected us to a real consumer service rep pretty quickly. If you can't be arsed to dial the phone number yourself, click here for a sample of Max's dope spiel.

    Since our deceased Xbox was manufactured with the launch batch ("2005-10-19" on the back of the console), Microsoft offered to repair the system free of charge -- even though it lived past the one-year warranty other 360 consoles enjoy. Four business days later (exactly as advertised), we received in the mail a cardboard coffin for our Xbox 360.


    By coffin, we mean a cardboard box. But this is no ordinary cardboard box from Microsoft as this cardboard box comes with another cardboard box inside of it, and inside that cardboard box is a set of instructions for returning our lifeless Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repair. The box was shipped to us via UPS 3 Day Select, and comes packaged with a return label that should carry back the box to Microsoft with the same swift delivery. The cardboard box, the instructions, and the return shipping label all come free of charge from Microsoft.

    Turning to the instruction sheet for a closer inspection of the contents, we discovered the first of many faux pas. The first of ten instructions asks us to "open box, remove the cardboard insert from inside box," which is in fact a prerequisite to reading said instruction sheet as the sheet is packaged inside the cardboard insert. At least the sheet doesn't ask us to call Microsoft to begin the repair process. Still, that's points away.


    Carrying on past the parts telling us to do the things we've clearly already done, we reach the second disappointment in the instructions: "If you [sic] console has an HDD MAKE SURE TO REMOVE IT" We make the occasional typo as well, but we try not to use bold font that stands out against everything around it. Minus points, again.

    After carefully following the instructions in order, removing the hard drive, placing the nude Xbox 360 console in its body bag, wrapping it up in two cardboard boxes, affixing the shipping label and finally sealing the coffin with the aptly named "seal," we get to the tenth and final instruction. "In order to expedite the handling of your console, please complete the information below and include this document when returning it to Microsoft."


    But it's just been sealed! The serial number needed to complete the form is packed beneath three layers! Affixing the seal marked the point of no return -- we can't go backwards!

    We worked it out. After grueling minutes of reading, packing, unpacking and repacking, we've shipped off our Xbox 360 in its coffin. Despite the troubles, we're satisfied with Microsoft's efforts to alleviate the situation's sadness. We won't forget the generosity. Nor will we forget Max.

    It lives.
    And Death?
    Let Death die!


    Eulogy inspired by L. Ron Hubbard.[/quote]




    XBOX 360: o perigo das 3 red light´s

  2. [_RaTaO_]

    [_RaTaO_] Power Member

    Fogo até parece que morreu o cachorro dele, desculpem la sei que é chato uma consola principalmente uma tao cara como a x360 dar o berro mas tambem não é preciso desesperar dessa maneira... bem so o posso desejar sorte
    Última edição pelo moderador: 1 de Fevereiro de 2007
  3. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

    Bem hmm chato foi tu teres feito quote ao post inicial :-D e bem é sempre bom ver que a ign não perdeu o seu sentido de humor :lol:
  4. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    desde de sábado que ando a ir a ***** todos os dias, pq comprei um aquecedor e so dura 10min ja é o 3 e ontem foi outra vez a vida. isto sim é preocupante. todos as cenas eletrônicas avariam. nao sei qual é o espanto.


    Falha de Hardware
    Para descobrir a peça de hardware que está a provocar o erro:
    • Ligue a Xbox 360 e espere que as três luzes acendam;
    • Pressione e mantenha pressionado o botão sync e de seguida pressione o botão Eject;
    • Os Leds vão piscar para lhe indicar o primeiro número do código (ver tabela);
    • Retire o dedo do botão Eject e pressione-o novamente;
    • Os Leds vão piscar para lhe indicar o segundo número do código;
    • Repita a operação até ter os quatro números do código.
    • Todos os quatro LEDs a piscar - 0
    • Um LED a piscar - 1
    • Dois LEDs a piscar- 2
    • Três LEDs a piscar - 3
      0001 problema no fornecimento de energia
      0002 problema no fornecimento de energia
      0010 aquecimento
      0011 aquecimento
      0012 aquecimento
      0013 aquecimento
      0020 (Desconhecido, possivelmente aquecimento )
      0102 erro desconhecido
      1022 (Ainda desconhecido)
    O que fazer?
    • Reinicie a Xbox 360;
    • Se depois de reiniciar não funcionar, tente:
      • Desligar a Xbox 360;
      • Desligar todos os cabos;
      • Ligar todos os cabos firmemente;
      • Ligar a Xbox 360;
    • Se a consola continuar a não funcionar:
      • Desligue a Xbox 360;
      • Retire o Disco Rígido;
      • Ligue a Xbox 360;
      • Se as três luzes vermelhas não aparecerem:
        • Desligue a Xbox 360;
        • Instale o disco rígido;
        • Ligue a Xbox 360.
    Se depois deste trabalho todo a consola não funcionar...
    Utilize a técnica do martelo :)

  5. [_RaTaO_]

    [_RaTaO_] Power Member

    Duh podes crer nem tinha reparado que fiz o quote ainda se fosse loiro dava-se um desconto :lol: mas quando vi o topico até pensei k fosse alguma coisa com o undertaker e o smacdow vs raw 2007 :lol:
  6. Jintro

    Jintro O Colaborador

    É uma consola avariada e o serviço de reparação da Microsoft parece acima da média. Não vejo nenhum problema aqui. Carry on. :D

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