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Xbox [XBX] Half-Life 2

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 2 de Maio de 2005. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 2052)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    :001: http://xbox.ign.com/articles/608/608385p1.html


    Por 150€ a possibilidade de jogar pérolas como Riddick, Doom 3 e no verão Half Life 2 :p

    Muito bom "fim de vida" para a XBOX :D
  2. Draven

    Draven Power Member


    "Now that we know that EA will publish the console version of Valve's Half-Life 2, the packshot of the game featuring the publisher's log should not come as a shock.

    Expected to ship in October 2005, Half-Life 2 XBox will bring the MegaGame of 2004 to Microsoft's console. EA has released new images of the game which you can view by following the screens tab above.

    As you will probably be able to tell from the images the console version of H-L 2 stays pretty faithful to the PC version. Valve's efforts focused on keeping the game as intact as possible since it was so well received that changes would be a risk. The player again picks up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people he cares about are counting on him."




    finalmente numa consola! uma boa alternativa para quem nao quer ter nada a haver com o steam...
    Última edição: 19 de Setembro de 2005

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