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XS Overclockers Guru's @CES!

Discussão em 'Modding e Overclock' iniciada por Zarolho, 10 de Janeiro de 2008. (Respostas: 15; Visualizações: 1638)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member


    KingPin is the one it seems sitting comfy there This was at eVGA suite with very friendly and awesome guys.

    KingPin and AndreYang probably talking about batching from next 100 CPUs to figure out which one will be worthy of world record breaker.

    Well, LardArse is being bit playful here We are all in good mood with high energy at Foxxcon booth (well, it still is early in the day)

    LardArse ... "I didn't inhale..."

    Having fun aren't we? Collaboration starts.

    Well, that time at Foxxcon wasn't enough for this hardcore people so we are going at it at Fugger's office now















    From Front left to right:
    LardArse, Kinc, jinu117, MikeGuava, Sgt.Viper
    From Back left to right:
    Ton, Cpt.Planet, guess2098, AndreYang, Trouffman, IFMU, Fugger, Kingpin, [ctx]Infected.sin, InjViper.

    Not in group photo because they had to go "EAT"...
    saaya, Fr3ak
    People who are usually not reachable in EVERY SINGLE CES...
    Someone we just couldn't reach...

    Oh, IFMU is having whip over my head to write this.... I don't want a ban...

    FYI, this is probably largest XS gathering in history of XS as well as having numbers of legends/record holders "co operating" for some warm up for world record (and we did get one in middle of warm ups - maybe more).

    Última edição: 10 de Janeiro de 2008
  2. N3RO

    N3RO Power Member

    Vida de extreme overclocker até é engraçada :)

    Parece que os novos SLIM GPU containers para 3way SLI do k|ngp|n se portaram bem :)
  3. VoRtAn_MaDgE

    VoRtAn_MaDgE A.S.Team performed

    Já bencham no vista e tudo ... :D
    Aquele 03 do do catano...mas aqui entre nós 03 é bench de menina, é só mm gpu power!
  4. trojan_mxx

    trojan_mxx Power Member

    Quad crossefier O.o ....
    Sem palavras...
    Ate da gosto fazer um OC assim....
  5. tonebiclas

    tonebiclas Power Member

    que sonho estar ali no meio xD
  6. Marco André

    Marco André Power Member

  7. weirkved

    weirkved Banido

    era engracado tar la mas n bem no meio...
    Ficout um bocado mal essa:lol:
  8. tonebiclas

    tonebiclas Power Member

    estar entre eles pronto...xD:x2:
  9. V_for_Vendetta

    V_for_Vendetta Power Member


    Eu também gostaria...não sabia que Extreme Overclocker é uma profissão!!!:victory::banana::wah:
  10. Boas, 4 ??? ok ainda nao sabia :D simplesmente FIXE !


  11. KingjacK

    KingjacK What is folding?

    QUE SONHO, só cria quela foxconn com 4 CF 8|
  12. tetsuo

    tetsuo 1st Folding then Sex

    OMG it's the geek convention!!!
  13. Rom Hacker

    Rom Hacker Banido

    4x HD3870:drooling::drooling:
    Extreme O´cer._.
  14. Ming@s

    [email protected] Power Member

    Brutal mesmo.

    E só patrocínios.
  15. KingjacK

    KingjacK What is folding?

    Dai o dinheiro para aquilo tudo :'(
  16. [_Silence_]

    [_Silence_] OC Legend

    Ninguém começa com aquele tipo de patrocínios, trabalha-se para lá se chegar :) E em alguns casos um pouco de sorte (muita) ajuda.

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