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AMD's New Plans for Quad-Core and "4x4" Processors

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por mascarilha, 22 de Julho de 2006. (Respostas: 26; Visualizações: 2596)

  1. mascarilha

    mascarilha I folded Myself

    said Dirk Meyer, AMD's president and chief operating officer. AMD is working on a new architecture, which includes L3 cache, 32-bit instruction fetch, dual 128-bit SSE data flow, dual 128-bit loads per cycle and "true quad-core" meaning it will contain four separate cores on a die. In the meantime, AMD has plans to release a chip for the enthusiast market called the 4x4, which links two dual-core processors using AMD's fast hypertransport link to get quad-core like performance. AMD has said that product will be promoted by the holidays in contradiction to the Core 2 Duo processors.

  2. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Competição ao rubro!!... :001:
  3. lucalzada

    lucalzada To fold or to FOLD?

    AMD is working on a new quad-processor core(K8L) , which will debut as a native quad-core. In a financial conference call Chief executive officer Hector Ruiz summarized that the chip will launch by mid-2007 or more than half a year after Intel's Kentsfield and Clovertown quad-core processors. Compared to the competition, K8L is expected to consume significantly less power than Intel's quad-cores, which basically combine two dual-core processors into one package.
    Meyer acknowledged between the lines of his statements that Intel may have captured the performance crown with its Core 2 Duo processors, but mentioned that this was just a part of history. "If you look back in time, you'll see that the performance crown has been passed back and forth. I expect that to continue," he said. He explained that "the performance crown is only important to the enthusiast" and not to the mainstream. And for this market, he expects that the upcoming 4x4 platform "will hold the hearts and minds and wallets of enthusiasts."
    In the mainstream market, AMD indicated that it may be facing challenging times. The company told analysts that it expects to gain shares in the server and mobile markets, but did not provide an outlook for its desktop business. According to Executive Vice President Henri Richard, Intel virtually "threw away" one of its brands during Q2 and the "Pentium brand was repositioned." Meyer added that the desktop market saw "deep discounts" during the quarter - "in some cases so deep that we walked away from a business that did not make sense."
    Chief executive officer Hector Ruiz summarized the current situation by saying that the microprocessor industry has entered a "new stage of transition" and a "world of differentiation." The microprocessor market has moved away from benchmarks, he said, and is now in a phase of "innovation", "choice" and "open and fair competition"

    Imagem do die Quad-» K8L:

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  4. viskonde

    viskonde I quit My Job for Folding

    ok e esperar pelos quad core da intel pa saber quem vai ser o rei dos quad core :D

    parece q eles ficaram picados com a supermacia dos conroe... so faz bem :D mas e preciso equilibrar.. senao os precos.. upa upa

    btw, ele fala ai no k8L sera o que ta previsto po fim do ano?
  5. DJ_PAPA

    DJ_PAPA Power Member

    Nao. Para o fim do ano sao os AMD 64 revisao G. Isto é, sao os mesmos CPU que ai estao agora mas a 65nm com maiores frequencias de relogio.
  6. Zar0n

    Zar0n Power Member

    Os primeiros 65nm vão ser os mid e low end, logo n esperes mais MHz
  7. Cardinal_pt

    Cardinal_pt Power Member

    aumentam e aumentam os ghz e ficam mais pequenos, fazem pipelines maiores e aumentam os ghz e PUM! fez-se um precott :x
  8. Bodygard

    Bodygard Folding Member

    Esqueceste-te só de 1 pormenor: ....e aumentam os ghz e tal e aumenta o TDP:-D que foi um dos principais problemas de Intel.

    Acho que a AMD não quererá ir por aí. Regra nº 4 "aprender com os erros da concorrência".
    Eles devem de aumentar os MHz só para não perderem muito terreno para o C2D pois é a curto prazo o que permite mais facilmente aumentar a performance.
    Depois virá o K8L e aí sim, aparecerão inovações.
  9. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    No Quad-Core Chips from AMD Till Mid-2007 – Company

    Advanced Micro Devices said during its second quarter of fiscal 2006 conference call that it would not launch quad-core processors till the middle of next year, but will showcase such chips by the end of 2006. This confirms earlier unofficial information that there are no quad-core chips in AMD’s roadmap till 2H 2007.
    “Leveraging the scalability of the Direct Connect architecture, we also plan to demonstrate our next generation microprocessor core in a native quad-core implementation before the end of the year,” said Dirk Meyer, AMD’s president and chief operating officer.

    Earlier it was reported that the first quad-core chip from AMD is code-named Deerhound, which will be intended for socket F infrastructure and will have shared level-two cache along with dual-channel registered DDR2 memory controller. The new chip is expected to use the new code-named K8L design, which features some improvements, according to Mr. Meyer.
    “We have a new core under development. The first instantiation of which will be in a quad-core form, to be launched roughly mid ‘07. What I said is we will demonstrate that by the end of the year,” said Dirk Meyer, when asked to clarify the production schedule of the quad-core chips.

    Earlier the company planned to showcase dual-core microprocessors in the middle of the year, particularly, in August, when it is expected to introduce its new server platform and socket F infrastructure.
    “When AMD rolls out dual-core processors with built-in virtualization hooks midyear, the company also aims to demo quad-core processors running on its current server platform,” Marty Seyer, a senior vice president of AMD, said in an interview.

    The chipmaker now claims that the chips will be showcased by the end of the year without giving any particular timeframes, which may signal that the company currently has no quad-core chip samples mature enough for public showcase.

    According to AMD, K8L includes a quad-core design for servers, workstations and high-end desktops, and a dual-core design intended for mainstream desktop markets. These next-generation processors will be built using AMD’s 65nm Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) fabrication process, and include a broad range of functionality and micro-architectural improvements, including a new ability to dynamically alter the frequency of each core on the chip to match application workloads and thereby reduce overall power consumption.

    AMD’s larger rival Intel Corp. recently said it would commercialize its first quad-core microprocessors as early as by the end of this year, about six months ahead of AMD, which is likely to add competitive pressure on the world’s second largest supplier of x86 microprocessors. But AMD believes that Intel’s approach to put two dice on a single slice of substrate to build a quad-core processor is inefficient and AMD’s “native quad-core” design will provide better performance and scalability for servers.

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  10. Zar0n

    Zar0n Power Member

    Uma coisa é verdade colar 2 conroe n é muito dificil, uma x k já usam os 65nm, axo k ir para quad nativo é mais eficiente e mais rápido.

    Por outro lado a Intel tem a vantagem da cache partilhada k a AMD tb devia adoptar, isso ia poupar algum die.

    Pena k com as aplicações actuais n seja QUAD DAMAGE :x2:
  11. NightShade

    NightShade Power Member

    nem metade das aplicaçoes ainda usam o dual core, já este pede quad core :P:P.. mas nós keremos é evoluçao.. venha ela:x2:
  12. grandenaboverde

    grandenaboverde O Senhor dos Bolinhos

    lol @ quad damage! :002:

  13. Helixsk8

    Helixsk8 I quit My Job for Folding

    A competição está mesmo a apertar... Mas duvido que haja realmente "luta" com os Kentsfield adientados...
    Mas mal posso esperar para ver o que vem ai...
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  14. viskonde

    viskonde I quit My Job for Folding

    hum tao agora ja so vendem os quad no meio do prox ano :P

    afinal parece q nao temos quad em 2006 lol
  15. mascarilha

    mascarilha I folded Myself

    AMD explains 4x4 architecture.

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  16. @njo

    @njo Power Member

    A Intel entretando desce os preços a AMD volta a ficar coma corda no pescoço.
  17. DJ_PAPA

    DJ_PAPA Power Member

    AMD Market Share Increases in Midst of Competition

    Neste momento a AMD bateu o seu record de market share chegando aos 22%. As coisas nao vao assim tao mal, mesmo vendo o lançamento do Core2.
    A AMD vai lançar a rev.G, baixar os preços e ate ao K8L vai continuar com um bom ritmo de crescimento.
  18. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member

    Esperemos que sim, mas os efeitos do Core 2 Duo ainda não se fizeram sentir. Há sempre um enércia inicial. Só nos 2 próximos trimestres podemos começar a tirar conclusões. Por enquanto mantém-se a tendência anterior, pré-C2D.
  19. blastarr

    blastarr Power Member

    Subiu nos desktops e servidores, mas até perdeu quota precisamente no mercado que cresce com mais força, que é o dos portáteis.
    Neste, a quota da Intel está cada vez mais próxima dos 90%, isto apesar de a AMD ter apresentado os Sempron, Turion e Turion X2.

    Suspeito que, com o "Merom" (Core 2 Duo Mobile, sucessor do "Yonah" -Core Duo/Core Solo-), a Intel vai mesmo chegar lá e ultrapassar essa barreira, colocando aínda mais dificuldades para a AMD entrar neste mercado tal como o fez no dos servidores por exemplo.
  20. microcris

    microcris Power Member

    É verdade. E continuará assim até que a AMD apresente uma solução que realmente convença. A plataforma Turion (já nem sei se Turion é o nome do CPU ou é uma plataforma tipo Centrino) é um bom avanço mas ainda tem mto que melhorar...
    Última edição: 30 de Julho de 2006

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