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ASUS Shows Off ROG G-Panel at CES

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por London Beat, 17 de Janeiro de 2009. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 1280)

  1. London Beat

    London Beat Power Member





    ASUS Shows Off ROG G-Panel at CES
    ASUS' iconic Republic of Gamers series motherboards have a new member in its series: the G-Panel. This is an overclocking panel, a diagnostics display, and a fan-controller rolled into one. The device can be used outside a case, on a test-bench, or even its 2U design for fitting into cases, where it occupies two 5.25 inch drive-bays. French website Matbe caught a few glimpses of it at the CES event.

    The G-Panel provides an extensive feature set. To begin with, every diagnostic reading otherwise found in the system BIOS or high-level OC software is shown, that include clock-speeds, voltages and temperatures, all updated in real-time. The user can manage system overclocking using the panel's controls. Using the same controls, fan-speeds can be managed, as the device gives out four fan connections for case fans, in addition to all the fan-connections the motherboard provides. The G-Panel is compatible with select ASUS ROG series motherboards, though the exact compatibility list, availability and pricing are not known at this point.

    N consegui por fotos...acho o painel muito fixe!
  2. nunex

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    bonito mas superfluo
  3. Porto

    Porto Power Member

    parece mais um daqueles autoradios dos tunnings, so faltava ter a drive de cds por tras do ecran.
  4. Nivrin

    Nivrin Suspenso

    ja vi essa coisa
    mas nunca a tinha visto ligado
    isso e mais para os adeptos do OC

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