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FoldWatcher is out!!! The ultimate [email protected] Monitor...

Discussão em '[email protected]' iniciada por drkameleon, 20 de Maio de 2008. (Respostas: 20; Visualizações: 2293)

  1. [​IMG]

    is an integrated monitoring environment for [email protected] designed for Linux and *nix Systems, which is intended to be easy-to-use and provide a flexible, customiseable and "user-friendly" environment for reviewing the status of active [email protected] clients. Foldwatcher is FREE software released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 License. It is entirely coded in C++, making use of Qt (version 4.3) Libraries, which may allow a future easier porting to Windows or MacOS platforms.

    * It allows to quickly check the progress of up to 100 clients and retrieve valuable information from the Work Unit being processed such as protein name, project number, Run/Clone/Generation and many more.

    * It makes use of Ivoshiee's 'finstall script' in order to facilitate the installation of either simple or SMP [email protected] clients, on i386 and amd64 machines.

    * Combined with a powerful calculation algorithm, it may also provide estimations on the completion of a WU as well as indications of all [email protected] clients' performance (secs/frame, frames/h, frames/day, points/h, points/day-PPD).

    * Projects and project information is stored in a maintainable database to exclude the need of a working internet connection.

    * It can fetch your personal stats or your team's stats and show them into the main window, enabling even printing and exporting them to a PDF file.

    * Along with the 'finstall' script, it can be used to start or stop the execution of [email protected] clients.

    * Moreover, it integrates the ability - using either the RasMol Open-Source 3D Molecule Viewer or the JMol WebSite's Java Applet - to view the protein being folded.


    Check the project's Homepage

    Click here to view Download and Installation Instructions
    I desperately need your comments and I hope you' ll love it... :D
  2. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member


    Welcome. I have instaled the program and it works.
    I had the SMP cliente already instaled só I have not used the option to install the client but for what I have understand we can install first FoldWatcher and in the process of installing it we can install [email protected] Very nice.

    What plans have you next?
    Automatized installation for normal clients and SMP clients? Distro specific installer scripts? :D
    Virtual Machine with the client? :D

    Congrats for the program :)
  3. Syk3r

    Syk3r I quit My Job for Folding

    I'll wait for a port to windows. :D
  4. First of all, I want everyone to excuse me for not writing in YOUR native language.
    (I am greek, and the only thing I know about Portugese culture, is the beautiful sound of your language and the wonderful nostalgic fados...)

    The first Windows release is out !!!

    (Although, it is still HEAVY beta, it would be great if you could check this out too...)

    The genuine code of this somehow "modified" version as well as a minimal package with the binary/tools are freely available...

    You know where you will find it.... [​IMG]

    I' m waiting for your comments... [​IMG]

    Thank you VERY much, my friend. My plans? Thousands... First of all FULL integration of some open-source molecule viewer... Automatized installation, probably, but not soon as I made... "some" implementation in my minimal install script.... VM? (interesting... I' ll think about it!) Of course, there are MORE-MORE things I have in mind... Don't be impatient... You will soon find out !:lol:
    I think I have already answered...:001:

  5. Metro

    Metro Benevolent Dictator For Life
    Staff Member

    Keep the good work and keep us posted.
    The automated install is a awesome idea.
    A Virtual machine submited to the virtual appliances with the possibility to have the 2 cores from the CPU for use the SMP client will be great also.
  6. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Hi. It seems to be a great program, from what i see in the pictures.

    Well.....We don't speak Greek, so that's not a problem :).

    I tried the windows version, and when i run "foldwatcher.exe" i had this error:


    I had to download "mingwm10.dll", "QtCore4.dll" and "QtGui4.dll" to foldwatcher function correctly.
    In th step by step guide, i don't see the instructions for this step. (maybe i missed something)

    I think you will want to add these Qt dlls in the package.

    Última edição: 21 de Maio de 2008
  7. Thnx :001:
    ALL of the missing DLLs (qtcore4, qtgui4 and mingwm10) are now properly put in the main packages and installed as well...

    Thus, I have FIXED, UPDATED and reUPLOADED the Windows Package. It must be functioning correctly now...

    Plz check it out. I'm still OPEN to comments, missing WUs and bug reporting...

    By the way, "Nemesis" is not only a cute name, but a name with... greek origin as well. :lol: (Nemesis = Mythology. Ancient goddess, the justice coming from god...)
  8. Has anyone tested the Windows version????
  9. silversk8ter

    silversk8ter I folded Myself

    Hi there!
    Great work Dr. K! it works just fine in win version!...
  10. does it need to restart the computer to work?

    i'm having problems with it, but i haven't restarted the computer yet...

    i add the clients (local client and remote computer), exit, and when i re-open the FW it says that it doesn't have associated clients.

    it has also stoped responding and closed by itself before...
  11. Thank you very much my friend... I' ll do my best to make it even better and bug-free!

    No, it needs NO restart... Did you remember to click on that little diskette in the toolbar to save your configuration? If not, then the clients won't be reloaded...

    Tell me IF it works...

  12. -- Looking for configuration file... [OK] -- Loading clients...
    ------ added Client( ID: SK Path: D:/[email protected] )
    ------ added Client( ID: SK2 Path: //Sk-desktop/back-disk/[email protected] )
    -- Looking for 'finstall' script... [NOT FOUND]
    -- Clients automatically reloaded. [ seg 26. Mai 13:04:04 2008 ]
    -- Clients automatically reloaded. [ seg 26. Mai 13:05:04 2008 ]
    -- Loading preferences... [OK]

    - it did :)

    what's the "-- Looking for 'finstall' script... [NOT FOUND]" ???

    EDIT: WU 2665 without info
    Última edição: 26 de Maio de 2008
  13. FINSTALL is a script I'm using in the linux version and which helps me have the start/stop functions for each client...

    For Windows, there's NO such script, thus this is NOT an error message!
    This first release of FoldWatcher works with a standard database. Obviously, Project 2665 is NOT in the list. In the release to come, I have ALREADY IMPLEMENTED automatic downloading of new projects directly from Stanford's server - so, there will be NO MORE MISSING PROJECTS! :cool:

    Última edição: 27 de Maio de 2008
  14. shello

    shello %erador
    Staff Member

    Hi. Congratulations on this app. I haven't tried it yet, but I may install it soon.

    A suggestion: For the database you could use the FahInfo projects database (although it is pretty heavy). I'm using it for having a daily updated projects list file, which is much smaller and parser-friendly (if you just want the points — which was the case).
  15. this evening i instaled ubunto, and when i tried to download FoldWatcher i had this error on Source Forge:

                      						                                                                       [B]Lost on SourceForge.net?[/B]
             [B] 	404 Error - Page Not Found [/B]
     You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly.
      	[URL="https://sourceforge.net/"]Go to Sourceforge.net home[/URL] -  	[URL="https://sourceforge.net/search/"]Try a search[/URL] -  	[URL="https://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/"]Browse the Software Map[/URL] - 	[URL="https://sourceforge.net/support/getsupport.php"]Get support[/URL] 
    don't know if its their problem or if you can fix it...
  16. Thank you VERY much.

    I'm currently using the "psummary.html" from Stanford which is supposed to be as complete as possible. You will check it out soon on my next release.

    This has nothing to do with FoldWatcher. Probably, when you tried to download, SourceForge's server (or that mirror) was overloaded. If you try again (perhaps from another mirror site?) I'm sure there will be no problem...
  17. shello

    shello %erador
    Staff Member

    Yes, psummary should be complete for the current running projects, and for a monitoring app, nothing more is needed.
    But I would use psummaryC, since there are people that run beta projects, which are not listed on psummary ;)

    Good luck with this project :)
  18. got it up and running on ubunto :D

    is there any way of importing my current work at the normal client i have to the one that foldwatcher asks me to install?

    linux noob... if it was windows if would be so easy so try... here i don't know how it works yet.. lol

    PS: Great app, the windows version wasn't working this good :)
  19. Well, I think you are probably right. I' ll think about changing from psummary to psummaryC.... Thanx for the advice!:001:

    All you have to do is to ADD (using the "+" icon) a new client, thus a folder which contains a directory named "work". In Linux, all data stored by the user can be found in the /home/xxxxxx directory. Probably your [email protected] Client is installed there as well. Goto the main Ubuntu menu -> Places -> Home Folder. If you' re using the simple client (thus FAH504-Linux.exe) you must find it somewhere around there. You have to spot a folder named "work". Then, open up FoldWatcher again and load ("PLUS" toolbar button) the FOLDER WHICH CONTAINS... "work", "client.cfg", "FAHlog.txt", etc. You can also LOOK for those files through "Search for files...". And of course remember that EVERYTHING in Linux IS case-sensitive (thus foldwatcher != FoldWatcher)...

    Good Luck!

  20. the question wasn't that.... when i instaled the foldwatcher it asked if i wanted to install a fah client, i sayd yes so that i would reduce the number of folders and "junk", but i don't seem to be able to get that client to work... tomorrow with more time i'll try again.... maybe i've done something wrong:kfold::kfold:

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