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hwbot, 18 months later

Discussão em 'Overclock & Benchmark' iniciada por mbot.org, 7 de Janeiro de 2006. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 686)

  1. mbot.org

    mbot.org Power Member

    Hello all,

    You might have noticed the hwbot rankings have improved since it was first used here. In may 2004 HWbot engine 1.0 came to life which solely updated the [M]adshrimps rankings, but huge fora like XtremeSystems and XtremeResources followed in the month after. In the 18 months that followed 26 other fora joined the rankings and the hwbot engine has improved greatly. Current engine is, version 2.0 would should support all the necessary functions to make it your #2 source for all hardware info (#1 would be here, offcourse :p ). I would like to thank you all for joining the hwbot rankings and supporting development for it, it wouldn't have come so far without your patience and support! :)

    If it has been a long time you've thoroughly checked your local forum ranking, these features have recently been added:
    - bot info: shows you your team moderator(s) for the hwbot and a link to instruct the hwbot to update your ranking immediatly.
    - subrankings: 1 subranking for each videocard family (eg GeForce 6xxx, Radeon 9xxx) or processor subfamily (eg A64 regular, A64 FX, A64 X2, athlon xp, ...) who has at least 3(*) participating forummembers.
    - link subrankings: each subranking has a link to the performance statistics of the subranking hardware. Eg, when you click 'global statistics' link next to the A64 FX category, you will get a graph of the average performance of each FX processor known, based upon the hwbot entries submitted.
    example: http://www.hwbot.org/browseHardwareProcessors.do?cpuSubFamilyId=8
    - world top subrankings: the top 3 of each subranking is shown together with the team it belongs to.
    - leaving members: a list of members who left and joined other teams is shown at the bottem. Their result will no longer appear in your rankings, but in the new team they are in.

    Important changes on hwbot.org:
    - performance statistics, average overclock, technical specifications of all known and scanned hardware at:
    - greatly improved search engine here:
    - interactive FAQ:
    - ability to claim results. Important! If you claim a result and change team, your results will move with you! You need to register with the same username as your forumusername, than click 'show personal results' and claim those who are yours. The team moderator from the forum your leaving (or a super moderator) has to verify it ('pending claimed results'), after which they are considered yours and will change to your current team.
    - submit results: you can submit your results online instead of posting them in your forum ranking. They too will appear in the forum ranking. This can be an easy feature for moderators who want to import their old results manually.
    - more rankings:
    3Dmark 2001, 3Dmark 2003, 3Dmark 2005, Aquamark, PCMark 2004, PCMark 2005, PiFast, SisoftSandra, SuperPi, SuperPi 32m
    - news: daily updated newssection with latest hardware info, hwbot news and daily comics. : )
    - quick search hardware in the top right of www.hwbot.org: very handy! just type a partial description of your videocard / processor and it will autocomplete you with a list of possible matches!

    Improvements soon to come:
    - (*) ability for team moderators to adjust minimal / maximal amount of forum entries to show in the forum rankings (currently hardcoded 75 max for global ranking, minimal 3 for a subranking to show up and max 10)
    - possibility for members to see how there score is matched to hardware
    - system to prevent users to post their topscore in multiple participating rankings

    Última edição: 7 de Janeiro de 2006

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