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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 "Centro"

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por portos, 17 de Dezembro de 2006. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 2279)

  1. portos

    portos Banido

    Que tal um Beta Tester português! ^^
    Welcome to the Windows Server Code Name “Centro” TechBeta!
    This Beta is by invite only and is a Confidential Beta. You are not allowed to talk about or distribute any documentation, screen shots, or code to anyone outside of the Windows Server \"Centro\" Beta Newsgroup and the Feedback section on this site. We will be making the first build of the Windows Server \"Centro\" Beta available in the next day or so. Stay Tuned!!!
    We welcome and appreciate your feedback in making the Windows Server \"Centro\" release as great as possible!
    Windows Server \"Centro\" Documentation
    The documentation for the Beta Release of Windows Server “Centro” will be available for download from this site. As soon as it is available it will be published on the downloads section of this site.
    Windows Server \"Centro\" Beta Software
    The Windows Server \"Centro\" software will also be available for download from this site if you have the ability to burn your own DVDs. There will be a set of three DVD ISO downloads for the Windows Server \"Centro\" software in the downloads section of this site.
    Product Key 
    You will need to get a product key from this site so you can install the Beta Windows Server “Centro” software. Click on the “Product Keys” link on the left to request a product key.  The Product key has 6 activations so one key can be used to install all three servers of a Centro installation twice counting activations. So, each beta participant needs only one Product Key. We also have provided Centro Cal User and Device Packs in this section. You will find out how to use these keys when you go through the beta exercises that will be available in the downloads section of this site.
    Submit Feedback 
    You can submit bugs and product suggestions for Windows Server \"Centro\" directly from this site. All of your submissions will end up in the Product Group's bug and suggestion database. 
    We ask that you search through the existing posts prior to making a new post, in order to avoid duplication. Search and Submit. You can also look at other people's bugs & ideas and vote on them by searching first. You can also submit bugs directly by clicking here. Submit Feedback.
    We also ask that you review the release notes to avoid posting about issues that have already been covered there.
    A Beta Newsgroup has been setup for this Beta. You can access this newsgroup by clicking on the Newsgroups link on the left to gain access. Simply follow the instructions on the page for setting up your NNTP reader. You will need to click on the Set Newsgroup Password button at the bottom of the page.
    Connect Issues
    If you have any issues submitting bugs, product suggestions, or using the Centro Connect site, please contact the ‘Centro’ team at [EMAIL=""]mailto:[/EMAIL][code][email protected]
    The Centro Team

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