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Novos Catalyst 2.3!

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Frazas, 12 de Setembro de 2002. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 915)

  1. Frazas

    Frazas Power Member

    Já estão disponiveis no site da ATI os novos drivers(6166) + control panel.
  2. jcab

    jcab 1st Folding then Sex

    NHL 2002 scores are up 10-20% for RADEON 7000/7500/8500/9000 products
    Serious Sam performance is improved once again (8-12%) across all RADEON’s
    NASCAR 2002 performance is up 8% on the RADEON 9700 PRO
    Vertex Shader performance has been improved by approximately 20% for
    the RADEON 9000 PRO, resulting in a 3-5% gain in 3DMARK score.

    Added Features:

    Control Panel support for TRUFORM
    DVI alternate operation mode
    AA and AF - OpenGL and Direct 3D Control Panels for RADEON 7000 and
    RADEON 7200
    Color Controls for Component Output
    Enhance gamma control for overlay

    Bug Fixes:

    Subsystem ID showed incorrect information under details tab
    Hanging issues with Spider Solitaire under Windows XP
    Hanging issues with Mozilla browser
    Setting the desktop to 1024 X 768 and 32 bpp results in the Flat panel
    property page not appearing in the ATI displays tab
    RADEON 9700 Control Panel issues: Settings are applied properly, and
    Quality/Performance options of Anisotropic Filtering behaves properly.

    Please note:
    The SmartGart Control Panel has been disabled in this release. All functions will be greyed out and all features will appear to be turned off. Despite the appearance from the Control Panel, AGP functions are working fine with this driver. The Control Panel will be enabled in the next driver release.
  3. Crusher

    Crusher Power Member

    Hum... nice.

    Para o fim de semana vou os testar. :D

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