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NV48 and R480 Speculations

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por pee2002, 8 de Novembro de 2004. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 658)

  1. pee2002

    pee2002 Power Member

    Now that we've seen the NV40/R420 series in action & we already knew that the NV45/R423 is appearntly going to have the same specs (or even lower) except for the PCI-E transition ... i think its time to discuss the NV48 & the R480's specs , names , power .. etc !

    Well i'll strat with my humble speculation :
    NV48 is going to be a speed bump for the NV40/NV45 & of course is going to be PCI-E with HSI bridge so it may get transformed into AGP 8X if needed .
    Enhanced Cooling solution & the same Power requirments will be the highlights of NV48 i guess .

    Speculated Specs :

    222M Transistors
    DX9.0 support / SM3.0
    0.13u Process (with Low-K?)
    16x1 pipelines
    500Mhz core clock (Up to 550Mhz using Low-K?)
    1300Mhz Memroy clock
    512MB GDDR3 VRAM
    Product Name : GeForce 6900 Ultra
    Performance over NV40/NV45 ~ 15-20% (30%@550Mhz)

    The same pattern will go with the R480 i reckon .
    R480 will be PCI-E only & might use a whole new or enhanced cooling solution with a bit higher power reqs (400W PSU i presume) .

    Specualted Specs (EDITED):

    160M Transistor
    DX9.0 support / SM2.0+
    0.11u process
    16x1 Pipelines
    600Mhz core clock
    1250Mhz Memory clock
    Product name : Radeon X900XT
    Performance over R420/R423 ~ 10-15%

    Thats all in case the new NV48/R480 are just speed bumps for thier predecessors .
    however , in case the NV48/R480 appeared to be a whole new architecture .. there will be a different story ;-)

    Fonte: forum.pcvsconsole

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