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Nvidia [Overdrive]Prometeus Edition 61.77 Final

Discussão em 'Overclock & Benchmark' iniciada por HyperRush, 12 de Setembro de 2004. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 997)

  1. HyperRush

    HyperRush Power Member

    Tweaked driver born to work with the standards of quality of your Nvidia Card, without harming perfomace of the same one.

    So, this driver perhaps it is not the ideal for Benchmarking.

    Remember to install your motherboard driver and be sure DX9c is installed. All Nvidia Cards are supported. Any question about the driver, or another things, contact me (no Gay Pms please).

    What tweaks had been used for this driver?

    *MipMap Lod Bios (D3d and OpenGL).
    *Anisotropic filtering (D3d and OpenGL).
    *Pixel and Vertex Shaders (D3D).
    *Enabled Settings for Open GL
    *Enabled Textures Formats that Nvidia disabled by Default (such 8-bit paletized textures- usefull for old games).
    *Hardware settings.

    Other Stuff added...

    Release 3
    *Added Support for Open GL
    *Added CoolBits 3
    *Solved FS2004 weird resolution problem

    This is not StarStorm driver tweaked by Xaero! This driver is not supported by Nvidia. (No single card was hurt because the Tweaks, lol)

    GRAB IT HERE-http://www.transmontanumms.com/overdrive/drivers/61.77PRO3.zip
    Última edição: 2 de Outubro de 2004
  2. Madril

    Madril 1st Folding then Sex

    mete o link direito :P
    é dos teus drivers magicos ?
  3. HyperRush

    HyperRush Power Member

    Exacto, link fixed!
  4. HyperRush

    HyperRush Power Member

    Terceira edição lançada por pedido de muita gente, pois estes drivers até agora são os mais estáveis e menos problemáticos da série 6X.XX

    Já agora alguém já fez bech das drivers?

    Abraços pessoal e obrigado pela vossa preferência!

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