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Site clocks XP-M 2500 to 4000+

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por jll, 11 de Maio de 2004. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 791)

  1. jll

    jll Power Member

    With ordinary fanzine

    By INQUIRER staff: Tuesday 11 May 2004, 09:03

    GERMAN WEB SITE Tweak PC reckons it has taken an XP-M 2500+ to clock at 4000+ using a normal fan.
    That sure would improve our typing speed, but not necessarily our accuracy [as you shall see, Ed.].

    Why has the site done this? Presumably it is in the same spirit as people who run the four minute mile, the 26 miles from Marathon to Athlons [That's Athens. Ed], who scale impossible heights and who try and get on the Northern Line in the mornings.

    More info in: http://www.tweakpc.de/tweaking/athlon_xpm_oc/athlon_oc.htm (Traduzir german -> english)
  2. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member

    Última edição: 11 de Maio de 2004

    SKATAN Power Member

    tenho que ver se compro uma prometeia pra ver se ponho o meu a 231x 13

    5100+ .... --> yeah right
  4. [knap]

    [knap] Power Member

    Experimentem meter Barton 300*24 :D

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