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Square Enix Party 2007

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por skybastos, 12 de Maio de 2007. (Respostas: 11; Visualizações: 1081)

  1. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

    Info do que vai estar lá:

  2. Crrash

    Crrash Power Member

    não percebo porque que eles tão a apostar tanto no mobile... nunca na minha vida (ou pelo menos não nos proximos anos) vou comprar jogos para um telemovel...
  3. R3d_D3v1l_

    R3d_D3v1l_ Power Member

    Estou à espera de novas informações sobre o FF Crisis Core e o novíssimo Dissidia :drooling:
  4. Star Ocean 4 (??) - ??
    The Last Remnant (Xbox360/PS3) - ??

    Se aqueles ?? do SO4 incluirem Xbox 360 então são dois motivos para não sair de casa durante uns tempos :D

    Fikem bem!
  5. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

  6. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

    Imagens da expansão do FFXI

  7. jmoportugal

    jmoportugal Power Member

    Nice tópico, vou esperando por noticias.

    Gostava de ver algo novo, estou cansado de FF.
  8. jmoportugal

    jmoportugal Power Member

    Nao consigo ver as imagens, diz que é proibido.
  9. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

    Abre uma imagem quando aparecer a mensagem de proibido, vai ao sitio onde esta o endereço e dá enter que a imagem aparece...
  10. R3d_D3v1l_

    R3d_D3v1l_ Power Member

    E as imagens dos FF para a PSP?>(
  11. skybastos

    skybastos Power Member

    Da uma vista de olhos por aqui, algumas pics são iguais as que tão ali para cima... roubei o post de outro forum e tal :p


    FFXIIi:ZJS (PS2) 1/2

    Star Ocean First Departure/Second Evolution (PSP)
    CCFFVII (PSP) 1/2/3/4: Preview IGN/1Up

    FFDissidia (PSP): IGN Eyes-on

    FFTAII (DS) 1/2: Preview 1Up/Gamespot/IGN

    FFXIIRW (DS) 1

    FFIVDS (DS) 1/2/3: Apparently Uematsu is working on a new version of "Theme of Love" for the game, and they're having a contest to find a vocalist for it.

    FFCC:RoF (DS) 1/2/3: Preview IGN/Gamespot/1Up

    IaWW (DS) 1/2/3/4: 1Up Preview

    Itadaki Street (DS) 1/2: IGN Hands-on

    DQIX (DS) 1/2
    farnham: Hori Yuji sez
    - The next DQM will ship after DQ9
    - DQ9 still has a lot of action RPG esque controlls in it (it was designed as an ARPG but got back to the traditional DQ style cuz of the fans)
    - There are action battle parts.. the type of battle changes depending on the situation
    - Wii connectivity confirmed (with DQS? or another DQ?).
    - DQ9 will ship this christmas
    - DQ9 has about 10 000 unique characters that you can make with the customization option
    - you can gather friends at luidas bar. this is like in DQ III.. the WIFI aspect begins here
    - This year we will ship DQS and DQ9.. But next year will be the real.. YEAR OF DRAGONQUEST
    - We have several remakes in mind.. we want to use connectivity to other titles with it...

    Aeana: Some corrections:
    - After DQ9, the next step is probably to get another Monsters game out early next year.
    - DQ9 will be on the market BEFORE Christmas. (This means any time from now until Christmas)
    For those curious, the source was here.
    EDIT: There are actually two conflicting posts. One of them does mention Wii connectivity. I can't figure out which one is legitimate, though.

    DQJ (DS) 1/2

    DQS:TMQatToM (Wii) 1/2/3/4/5: Preview IGN/Gamespot/1Up/Wired / Video 1/2

    FFCCTCB (Wii)
    Yep, here's the kiosk that was running the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers trailer for Wii. Note that if we got any closer, took pictures directly of the screen, or even thought about the word "video" for a second, Square Enix security, who are probably dressed like Garland or something, would come over and escort us out of the country.

    So please squint at that little blurry bit of the picture and imagine that it shows a Kingdom Hearts 2-like graphic style with a super-cool kid jumping around an airship and maybe fighting stuff. Looking absolutely nothing like a Crystal Chronicles game, and maybe that's a good thing.

    DQ Arcade 1

    Evento: Imagens 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 / Video / Cosplay 1

    Bonecada 1/2/3/4/5/6


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