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Conroe 2.13Ghz ES (4MB L2) incoming...

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Zarolho, 30 de Março de 2006. (Respostas: 84; Visualizações: 7030)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Parece que dentro dos proximos dias vão haver enginiering samples do tão esperado intel Conroe no fórum XS!!!......

    Benchs, benchs people!!....The real thing...:009::009:

    Fiquem atentos ao tópico no XS.....


    «...BTW, I've been told that this chip overclocks easily (on air) to 4GHz!!!...» :wow::wow:

    «...you have to remember that a major contention in the next-gen battle is performance/watt. why would intel release a 3.8Ghz chip at well over 100W TDP when they can take the performance lead with 2.6Ghz at half the wattage? you have to remember, marketing isn't about destroying the competition. it's about making MONEY. the smart move is to sell a "superior" product at a good price in large volume. this makes manufacturing much cheaper and brings in BIG revenues.....

    that being said, who wants to see a pic of the CPU?...»


    «...Conroe for your viewing pleasure....»:coolshad:

    «... seeing as this chip can do 4ghz (from what i hear from my "guy") this many indeed by an early Conroe XE prototype....»

    «...chip is incoming as the title says....scheduled for delivery on Saturday. I talked with a friend about the correct mb/bios combo...it's all worked out...»
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  2. corso13

    corso13 Power Member

    tou ansioso por ver estes animais a bulir :wah:
  3. Essas máquinas prometem bastante... vamos lá ver
  4. JPgod

    JPgod Moderador
    Staff Member

    4 ghz a ar... Bem, acho que vou para o dark side:004:
    Já tou a imaginar alguem a ser esmagado no BOINC:004:
  5. CrazyBomber

    CrazyBomber Power Member

    Então mas já andavam aí benches de um cpu que só agora vai ter uma engineering sample?

    4GHz a ar com a tal sample que só vai sair agora?

    Não percebo, onde é que foram buscar os resultados? perdi alguma coisa? :confused:
  6. Rudzer

    Rudzer Power Member

    se prestares atenção ao sitio onde foram benchados vais ter a resposta às tuas questões ;)
  7. Mandrak_RM

    Mandrak_RM Power Member

    Agora é k se vai ver o verdadeiro potencial dos bichos.

    Espero ficar admirado como fiquei com o k ja vi ate agora.

    fiquem bem
  8. Helixsk8

    Helixsk8 I quit My Job for Folding

    Segundo o tópico do XS os conroe normais (sem ser EE) são suportados pela Asus p5d2-e :D
    Que alegria, nem vos conto como tou feliz :D
    Parece que será enviado para o Fugger visto este estar mais dentro de intel :)
  9. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

  10. JPgod

    JPgod Moderador
    Staff Member

    ja sinto o poder no ar :004:

    Quero ver isso a papar WU do SETI em 10 minutos :D
  11. JCmendes

    JCmendes Power Member

    Já!!! Dasss estão com gana o people da intel!!
  12. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    «...I just got word that a second chip is available and I'm having it sent directly to me. I should probably receive it Tuesday. FUGGER is also going to send me a MB and everything I need to get a second rig up and running for testing.

    For those that are unclear on what's going on...here's what I can tell you:
    - The motherboard to be used is an Asus with a "new" BIOS. (not sure if I can share detail just yet)
    - I am under no NDA with Intel and am free to post whatever I want about Conroe.
    - The chip shown is indeed Conroe and not Merom. Conroe is in an LGA775 package, Merom is pin-to pin-compatible with Yonah and is in the newer Socket 478 packaged used in mobile applications.
    - Merom and Conroe are the same on the architectural level. They differ in the cache used for different model numbers, the standard FSB speeds and the target TDP.
    - I like chicken.
    - No one knows for sure where Conroe will scale too. Rest assured this will be tested at XS as we will be the FIRST to bring overclocking results on the Conroe and not just stock benches with an Intel CPU/MB combo time share (like at IDF). This will be a world exclusive to XS...»


  13. black_edition

    black_edition Power Member

    curti esta parte quero ver os benchs agora
  14. APLinhares

    APLinhares OpenSource Moderator
    Staff Member

    Isto promete e mto 8o8o
    waiting benchs too..
    (que porra de cores :D)
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  15. blastarr

    blastarr Power Member

    Que dia é hoje, mesmo ?
  16. Elrond

    Elrond To fold or to FOLD?

    como as coisas mudam...a intel a mandar cpus sem NDA...yeah right:D:D:D:D
  17. RuFuS

    RuFuS Power Member


    Acho que não vamos chegar a esse ponto...! :002:
  18. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Naahhh.....Hoje Não!
  19. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    «...Second Conroe ES chip is now confirmed for delivery Monday morning, April 3rd. Looks like lead time to get the second system operational will be dependent on receiving the MB, DDR2 and slipsteamed XP SP2 software. I really hope to show some impressive air cooling numbers with my setup while FUGGER will most likely move on to extreme phase change cooling pretty quickly. I could run phase with mine but I think air is better information for 95% of the guys out there. I might eventually go crazy and have to put Conroe under a SS too. Who knows.

    I know FUGGER will be posting a lot of information today. I hope to get more information, benchmarks, pictures and comments than can possible be absorbed out to everyone. I know how excited people are to see what Conroe can really do. Dothan and Yonah are both amazing cores, the problem with these is that only the true enthusiast community seems to care about them. Being as they are not "mainstream" enough for desktop use we find that support from Tier 1 MB vendors is marginal at best and products from other manufactures is often completely non-existant. Conroe changes that because of its form factor - LGA775. This chip is Intel's first REAL answer to the desires and request of extreme overclockers. A fast, efficient, low power solution that lends itself to desktop installation. Hang on to your shorts because Conroe is going to be an amazing core!



    Edit: O Conroe deve estar a chegar ás mãos dos Fugger.... On FedEx vehicle for delivery .... Já circula pelas avenidas de Las Vegas!!!


    Última edição: 1 de Abril de 2006

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