Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


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New Galaxy Watch Active to have ECG and Fall Detection

Apple launched the Watch Series 4 with ECG and Fall Detection, which won it quite a few wearables fans. Now Samsung might be preparing a counter-attack with the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2, rumored to have the very same duo of features.


The Korean maker is bringing a direct answer to Apple's feature and its ECG (Electrocardiography) app. It measures the heart rhythm and lets you know when there are irregularities. Then it can be shared with medics for a more precise reading.


The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also have Fall Detection - if the wearable detects falling to the floor, it would immediately nudge you with a vibration. If you are not able to respond - the watch will call the emergency services.

While the launch date for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is unknown, the watch could arrive alongside the Galaxy Note10 at the Unpacked event on August 7 or at IFA at the start of September.


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Segundo os novos rumores com este timeline, será mesmo um Watch 2 de 40/44mm (e não um Watch Active 2).
Onde viste esse organigrama?
As imagens que saíram cá para fora mostram a nova versão sem o aro rotativo. Se for esse o caso acho que se vai aproximar muito do estilo do active, o que para mim é um ponto a desfavor. Gosto mesmo do aspecto de relógio puro do galaxy watch.


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Onde viste esse organigrama?
As imagens que saíram cá para fora mostram a nova versão sem o aro rotativo. Se for esse o caso acho que se vai aproximar muito do estilo do active, o que para mim é um ponto a desfavor. Gosto mesmo do aspecto de relógio puro do galaxy watch.
O timeline apareceu no site CK:

Acho que ainda não nos podemos fiar em nenhuma imagem do relógio.


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Isto surge na pior altura. Ontem estive quase para comprar a versão actual...
Afinal é mesmo um Watch Active 2 e não Watch 2. Ninguém está a perceber o que vai sair lol. É melhor aguardar.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaks in official-looking promo image

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been doing the rounds in the rumorsphere lately, with mumblings talking about it matching the latest Apple Watch in offering ECG and fall detection, and maybe even one-upping its competitor by packing in body composition measurement.

And now we get to glance at what surely looks like the first leaked official press render:


As you can see, it confirms the name, as well as an overall design that's very similar to the first Watch Active - unsurprisingly, of course, as this is bound to be that device's successor. That's a little odd, though, given that the Watch Active has only been on the market for a few short months.

To add to the confusion, a few days ago a purported leaked Samsung wearable roadmaptalked about there being a Galaxy Watch 2 launching in the third quarter of this year, but no new Watch Active.

Anyway, if the Watch Active 2 is indeed coming, it's likely to be announced on August 7alongside the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ smartphones. Or perhaps two days before, as the date in this render is August 5, and maybe Samsung doesn't want to take any of the spotlight away from the new Notes at its grand event.

In contrast to its predecessor, the new smartwatch comes with a leather band (those were a post-purchase option for the original Watch Active that went with a more sporty look and silicone straps in the box).

The power button has a red ring around it, and it's not entirely clear why. Previous rumors talked about the Watch Active 2 (or is that the Watch 2?) coming in two sizes - 40 and 44mm, in three colors, and with Wi-Fi-only and LTE models. The unit pictured here might in fact be the LTE variant.


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Eu acabei por comprar a versão actual do galaxy watch.
Estou a adorar. Feeling muito premium, aspecto de relógio e não de um qualquer smartwatch, excelente bateria mesmo com always on display (que para mim é fundamental).
Estava com receio do tamanho mas assenta muito bem no pulso.


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Ainda bem que não é um Galaxy Watch 2, comprei o modelo actual há 1 mes xD

Agora, aposto que o pessoal que comprou o primeiro watch active vai ficar bastante aziado por ver sair um modelo novo em menos de 6 meses...

Este active 2 ficava top se tivesse um pouco mais de bateria e um bezel touch.
O bezel fisico do Galaxy Watch é um ponto muito forte na user experience destes relogios.


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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 full specs and press renders leak

It's still unclear if Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Watch Active 2 alongside the Note10 and Note10+ at its event on August 7, but that's looking increasingly more likely as time goes by and we keep seeing more and more leaks about the wearable.

Or perhaps the company will out it just a couple of days before that - at least that's what's heavily implied by the date shown in these leaked official press renders you can see below courtesy of famed leakster Evan Blass (aka @evleaks).


A new rumor today 'confirms' (as much as any rumor can) some specs and reveals others. Let's dive right in. The Watch Active 2 is said to come in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, the former with a 1.2-inch screen, the latter with a 1.4-inch display. Both will be Super AMOLED with Gorilla Glass DX+ on top, and both will have 360x360 resolution.

The smaller model will weigh 31g, while the bigger one shall tip the scales at 36g. The aluminum or stainless steel case (both options will be present) is allegedly built to adhere to MIL-STD 810G durability standards.

While the clicky rotating bezel is not making a comeback in this watch, Samsung will apparently outfit it with a touch-sensitive bezel instead, one you can swipe on to navigate the UI as an alternative to simply using the touchscreen. And that's a pretty neat idea, since smartwatch displays are small enough that you usually end up covering most of the content while swiping.

The Watch Active 2 will employ the same Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC as its predecessor, with 768 MB of RAM on the Bluetooth-only model and 1.5GB on the LTE-capable wearable. Both will get 4GB of internal storage.


The 40mm watch is said to have a 247 mAh battery, while the extra room in the 44mm model will be used to fit a 340 mAh cell. As previously rumored, ECG and fall detection are both on board, although the former could take until next year to officially roll out.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has Bluetooth 5.0, which has the potential to improve range so the watch will lose connection to your smartphone less than its predecessor.

You'll be able to get an aluminum Watch Active 2 in black, silver, and Pink Gold, while the stainless steel color versions will be black, silver, and gold. All of the colors will be available for both sizes. The LTE watch will only be offered in stainless steel.
Bom dia pessoal,

Estive a pesquisar smartwatches para o meu dia a dia e o que acham do novo Smartwatch Galaxy Watch? Alguém já testou?

Será uma boa compra? Ainda por cima já vem com eSIM que acho super interessante não ter de andar a trocar de cartões :)

• Ecrã: 360 x 360 Gorila Glass DX+
• Dimensões: 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7 mm
• Peso: 49 g
• Carregamento Wireless
• Duração da Bateria: até 5 dias
• Bateria: 270 mAh
• Memoria: 4 GB ROM
• Bluetooth: v4.2
• Compatibilidade: Android 5.0 ou superior / iPhone 5 e superior / iOS 9.0 ou superior


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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 goes official with digital bezel, ECG sensor

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 drops the physical rotating bezel in favor of a digital one. The revamped OneUI now uses a virtual bezel on the Super AMOLED display, a design that maximizes the screen real estate on your wrist. For comparison, the 44mm version has a larger screen than the 46mm Galaxy Watch.

The Watch Active2 comes in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm – and two styles. You can have a casual version with a lightweight aluminum body and an FKM wrist strap or a premium stainless steel watch body with a leather strap.

In both cases you can swap the strap with any standard 20mm band. You can even color coordinate the watch face with your clothes - just snap a photo of your outfit using the new My Style feature of the Galaxy Wearables app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: 44mm stainless steel

The watch has an improved optical heart rate reader with 8 LEDs for faster readings. This new model also gains an electrocardiogram feature (ECG). As the name suggests, this watch is geared towards exercise, but also wellness and sleep.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 can track 39 different types of workouts, some of which have sub-categories. For example, the updated Running Coach has 7 different modes with real-time tracking (helped by GPS, a barometer and accelerometer).

The watch boasts up to 5ATM water resistance (and IP68), making it suitable for swimming. It can take a few knocks too (it’s MIL-STD-810G rated) and features Gorilla Glass DX+ to protect the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: 40mm aluminum

The Calm app offers guided meditation programs and sleep tracking (it’s available in English, Spanish and German). The watch can also keep track of your stress levels.

Both sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 have a Super AMOLED screen with 360 x 360px resolution. The 40mm version has a 1.2” display, the 44mm goes for a 1.4” screen. The watch is powered by the Exynos 9110 chipset with 768MB of RAM and it runs Tizen OS.

There’s an LTE version with 1.5GB of RAM (available only in stainless steel), which allows you to stay up to date with your social networking accounts. You can read, reply to and like tweets from the watch itself and watch videos. There’s also real-time voice and text translation in over 16 languages.

You can listen to music on the go thank to Samsung’s partnership with Spotify. You just need to sign into your Samsung account and start listening. The watch can also be used as a camera remote for your Samsung Galaxy flagship (S9, Note9 or S10).

You’ll find other features from the Samsung ecosystem, including Samsung Health, Smart Things, Pay and Bixby.

We have some bad news - you'll have to wait until September 6 to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and until the 26th to receive yours. As for prices, the aluminum version costs $280 for the 40mm size and $300 for the 44mm version. Note that pre-ordering nets you a free Wireless Charger Portable Battery.

The price for the stainless steel version is still TBA. In the USA, it will be available at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon starting September 27, 2019.
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Já li algures que o ECG só ficará activo após autorização da FDA, assim como aconteceu com o Apple Watch. Será a mesma coisa na Europa?


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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition unveiled

Samsung’s continued partnership with Under Armour brings a special edition of the Galaxy Watch Active2. It’s based on the aluminum model and places an even bigger emphasis on exercise with several exclusive features.


The watch can provide real-time form and fitness coaching with visual and audio cues. This works best with UA’s HOVR digitally-connected footwear, which will send minute-to-minute stride length info. At the end of your run, you’ll get detailed info and tips on how to improve.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition comes with 6 months of free MapMyRun premium membership, MVP (normally $6 a month). MVP includes Route Genius (which keeps things fresh with new routes), training plans (e.g. 5K, 10K, marathon), WILLpower (heart rate zone training), coaching and more.


The Under Armour Edition is available in both 44mm and 40mm versions (with Black and Mod gray wrist bands, respectivelly). The FKM bands feature a breathable design and the aluminum body is lightweight. Note that there’s no LTE version available (that’s exclusive to the stainless steel Watch Active2).

Já li algures que o ECG só ficará activo após autorização da FDA, assim como aconteceu com o Apple Watch. Será a mesma coisa na Europa?
Ainda não se sabe. A info do "ecg disabled till 2020" li em sites americanos e antes de ser apresentado ontem. É aguardar por informação oficial.