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Lattice a 3 de Abril:
In case you haven't already noticed, we've started sending some MARXAN jobs through the system. Look for more of these in the days to come!

BURP a 3 de Abril:
The alpha project code has been feature-frozen and all development will now be focused on writing the beta code.
The alpha website will remain fully functional until the beta version can be deployed. For more information please check this forum thread.

AlmereGrid a 3 e 4 de Abril:
We now regularly run jobs so credits should increase.
This morning we accidently send out about 600 WU's that will never finish. If you encounter problems or the Wu's wo'not finished, please reset the project in your client.
The database activity has finally gone down to an acceptable level, so we've restarted the project daemons.
UnScheduled stop due to database problems.

We've been working on the server for the past week every day trying to get the server back to an acceptable state. However, the database has been extremely stubborn in going back to normal. We will continue to work on it *every day* until it's 100% right, so please don't think that we are unaware or or ignoring the problems.
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Hydrogen a 12 e 13 de Abril:
We identified a potential source of our chronic workunit problems. Certain protein files contain non-standard residues such as nucleic acids. One of the MGL Tools Developers suggested this command-line -U nphs_lps_waters etc. This should ignore these non-standards residues. We are running workunits specifically on the previously failed protein files. -Jack
I came across a software tool for force field calculations called JavaGenes. This Open source package developed by NASA is free to redistribute. I will see if these force fields are compatible with Amber and other molecular dynamics packages. -Jack
ABC a 13 e 14 de Abril:
There will be some downtime on monday 14 April (in the evening, western European time) for a server software upgrade. Assuming all goes according to plan, it should be done within an hour.
The server upgrade has been completed, and things seem to be running ok. If you encounter any problems, please report them on our forum.
3x+1 a 13 e 14 de Abril:
Windows and OS-X applications
The 32 and 64bit Windows and OS-X applications are finally ready! Thanks to "Crunch3r" for compiling them.
Validator problems
The csieve-validator had some problems with results from the windows applications, they were all marked as invalid though they are valid. We hope this problem is fixed now
TSP a 14 de Abril:
When it rains it pours. I'll be taking a month break from TSP while I try to find work, and fix some projects that have fallen appart here. I'm very sorry ot leave you all in a this state, but it's where I am
SETI a 14 de Abril:
We continue to have workunit storage server problems but hope to have the machine replaced today (but may not have it on line until tomorrow). Until this new system is in place workunit downloads will be disabled.
Superlink a 14 de Abril:
Deadline, loadd v1.17 on Windows, pop-up dialogs, loadd on other platforms
Deadline extended to 48 hours; new version of loadd on Windows deployed (two major bugs fixed); pop-up dialogs (upon abort of WUs and, hopefully, everywhere else) suppressed; loadd on all other platforms upgraded accordingly.
PrimeGrid a 14 de Abril:
Project Staging Area
After two months of testing, the Project Staging Area is officially open. This area was established to help prepare future projects for entry into PrimeGrid BOINC. It also offers a sneak peak into these projects by allowing users a chance to crunch them ahead of time. For more information, please see this forum thread.
Updated statistics for prime finders
We have released an updated prime finder statistics page, which now counts primes find in all subprojects. The prime numbers are assigned a score which differs according to prime number size, so a giant Woodall prime is "worth" more than a smaller TPS prime.
The next step in improving statistics is to show the participants all the primes that have been found, which isn't yet available in the current version, but is coming soon.
A PrimeGrid participant has discovered a Mega Prime for the 321 Search project. Stay tuned for more details.

A recent re-release of HMMPfam to change the way it reports some errors was not backwards compatible with Intel Macs running 10.4. I've just released a new version which should fix this problem. Sorry to those that were affected!

New app plataform available: i686-apple-darwin thanks to Crunch3r.
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PrimeGrid a 18 de Abril:
Mega Prime for 321 Search
On 23 Mar 2008 7:57:28 UTC, PrimeGrid, in collaboration with 321 Search, found another Mega Prime:

The prime is 1,274,988 digits long and enters The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 14th overall. This is 321 Searches's first mega prime and 11th prime overall. It is the second largest found mega-digit prime using LLR.
The discovery was made by Dylan Bennett of Canada using an Intel C2D @ 1.66 GHz with 2GB RAM. This computer took almost 15 hours and 30 minutes to complete the primality test.
For more details, please see the official announcement. Decimal representation of the number is also available.

NQueens a 17, 18 e 21 de Abril:
I'll be working on the database for the day, so the project will be down for some hours.
Mayor database modification, se forum for details.
New app plataform available: *****-apple-darwin thanks to Crunch3r.

WEP a 19 de Abril:
12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project 1432 times

Hydrogen a 20 de Abril:
ust released a mac intel platform for autodock on our project. I would appreciate some feeback if someone could generate workunits. -Jack

Cosmology a 20 de Abril:
Maintainence and downtime in the next couple of weeks
Early next month, we plan on performing some major maintainence on our server hardware which will require that we shut down the server for a number of hours. We'll give a more specific date around that time, but we thought you all would appreciate the heads up.


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Lattice a 2 de Maio:
Note about MARXAN
MARXAN is not a native BOINC application and as such doesn't do checkpointing or progress bar updates! Will make a note of this on the applications page.

AIS a 3 de Maio:
Status Update
We released a couple of days ago version 1.07 of the neuronal simulator. Each workunit has now 200,000 neurons. The processing rate dropped significantly due to some program issues. We will fix these issues.
Since the 1.07 application release we had over 14,000 work units processed successfully. That is 2.8 billion neurons simulated in one week, regardless of the lower processing rate.
We have updated the Results page. There have been over 10.9 billion neurons simulated to date.

We designed two images that fall under the education initiative: Space Exploration and Core System images. We will release soon another one that presents in a snapshot our project goal. We fixed the RSS feed. We started advertising on Google so that we can have more participants joining in and thus reach the 100 billion mark sooner.
We would like to thank Michael Tughan for his Mac version of the Makefile that can be used to compile the application for Mac. The files are included in the source package. We will release an official version for MacOS down the road.
We have been unable to upload the release 1.07 on the web site. It can be downloaded from here.
We defined a minimmum requirement of 100 credits for posting to the Science forum and 100,000 credits for the Project Announcements forum. We use the Project Announcements area for communications in between the project news

POEM a 5 de Maio:
CASP8 starting

CASP8 is approaching and [email protected] is participating. The first targets are expected to be released tomorrow. Once the first CASP related workunits are out, the normal workunit count will be decreased to put more importance to the CASP related once.
German: Morgen werden die ersten Targets zum CASP8-Proteinstrukturvorhersage Wettbewerb veröffentlicht, an welchem [email protected] mit vereinten CPU-Kräften teilnehmen wird. Sobald die ersten CASP-Workunits präpariert sind, werden die normalen Workunits etwas zurückgefahren, um schnell genug an Resultate für den Wettbewerb zu kommen.
Thanks for your support!
The minirosetta application has been updated to version 1.19. This version introduces several bugfixes for our CASP8 abinitio and template-based modeling protocols. We'll be testing small batches of workunits this evening and tomorrow morning. For details, see this thread, and please report bugs in this thread.

On Thursday, May 8, we will be bringing down the server for most of the day to perform the maintainence we previous mentioned.


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Superlink a 27 de Maio:
New milestone
We have reached a new important milestone: 10,000 CPUs that contributed credits to the project since its very genesis.

Hydrogen a 27 de Maio:
Bandwidth consumption is approaching my monthly quota due to our frequent updates following our data corruption. I also began exploring ways to mirror our download directory. I used an rsync whenever a workunit is created to synchronize a mirror. That process seems to get tied up and never replicating data fast enough. I could also try running rsync as a daemon, use another protocol or find a way to mirror. I am asking for suggestions on this. -Jack

Predictor a 27 de Maio:
Project Status Update
Currently [email protected] is offline. We are in the process of establishing ourselves at the University of Michigan. Our group has just purchased a large computation cluster (1776 cores). We are in the process of interviewing candidates for the 20 open postdoctoral possitions in our group. It does not look like our currently staff will have the resources to run [email protected]
Periodically we will be creating workunits to test ideas. This will not be happening on a regular basis. For those of you who would like to stay attached please note that any test workunits will have a high probability of failure.

POEM a 28 de Maio:
Server upgrade today, CASP status

The project will be offline for a few minutes, because of a server upgrade today.
As to the CASP progress: The first workunits have been submitted (everything up to Target 0391) and the targets currently in progress are also doing fine. Thanks for your support!
The upgrade is now done - please report possible regressions in the forum.

MindModeling a 29 de Maio:

Server Upgraded
A new DB server has been installed and the databases were ported over to the device (The site was down for 45 mins while this occured)

MilkyWay a 29 de Maio:
Server Outage
There have been some problems with a recent search having WUs that freeze or don't work. Currently i've shut down the server to remove the bad workunits from the database -- I'm hoping to have everything fixed sometime this evening.

SIMAP a 30 de Maio:
New workunits: The calculation of similarities and features of approx. 180.000 new sequences, that were imported from the databases PDB, RefSeq and Uniprot in may 2008, will start in the evening (UTC) of june 1st.

PrimeGrid a 30 de Maio:
The Drive for Five Challenge
Less than 48 hours remain in the Challenge. For teams, places 1-4 are pretty much wrapped up. However, there is a tight 3-way battle for 5th place and several others beyond that. For individuals, there are many tight races below the top 3. Remember, due to the length of the Challenge, places 1-40 will earn Challenge Points this time. For more information, please see the Challenge Series page.

Jedi Mind Trick

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Desenterrando com uma pergunta que creio ser fulcral: Então e notícias de resultados práticos positivos? Nada? Pergunto isto para além da ostentação das características das máquinas e das pontuações, penso que isso é o que menos importa em projectos que se dizem alimentados de causas filantrópicas.
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mais uma das mensagens do [email protected] foi quebrada :)

Today around 02:30 GMT+2 ThrasherX-17 from team Keep The Fire Alive! returned a plaintext of 76 letters long FNYG MXHU message:


The message says:

Which translates to:

"To the administration of U Boot Command (Headquater) Wilhelmshaven. Radio message 1224 solved with RHV (Hand Cipher System)"

É sempre interessante ver progressos dos projectos em que participamos mais... Tenho um Galaxy Tab quase 24/7 no Enigma :D (e em mais 3 ou 4 projectos) e processei bastantes WU's deste batch... :)


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Como sempre, boas notícias do WCG:

Exciting results from The Clean Energy Project! Researchers at Harvard have published data about the electronic properties of 2.3 million organic compounds and their suitability for converting sunlight to electricity, including approximately 36,000 compounds with the potential for performing at double the efficiency of most current organic solar cells in production.

Scientists can use this information to continue investigating the most promising candidates for use in cheaper, more efficient and more flexible solar cells. Thanks to World Community Grid volunteers, the computations for this project, which would have taken 17,000 years on a single PC, were carried out in only three years and the results are now available to stimulate research in the next generation of solar energy solutions.

For more information, refer to this News & Update article or read the full press release here:

Thanks for all your support!


The World Community Grid Team


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[email protected] a 29 de Agosto:

Paper on [email protected]'s 24 radio pulsar discoveries published
A paper about the 24 radio pulsars discovered by [email protected] in archival Parkes Multi-beam Pulsar Survey data has been published in The Astrophysical Journal. A free copy of the manuscript may be obtained from the Cornell University Library arXiv Server: use the the "Download: PDF" link on the top right of the page.

Read more in this press release by the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover, Germany, where the [email protected] radio pulsar search is based.

Thank you for supporting [email protected]!


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[email protected] a 05 de Setembro:

Android Beta Testers Needed
We're beta testing the Android version of the [email protected] application and we're looking for more testers to speed up the process. If you'd like to help, install the Android version of BOINC through the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. Then when asked to join a project enter as the project URL.

note: The beta project does not have access to [email protected] user accounts. Unless you're already using the beta project, you'll need to create a new account there.